Vegetarian Food Delivery Malaysia

Vegetarian Food Delivery Malaysia

Discover new vegetarian eats you never knew existed!

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Popular misconceptions about vegetarian food include it being plain, boring, sold in paltry servings, and limited to salads. However, did you know that with Malaysia’s bustling food scene, you are able to choose from an array of restaurants that serve vegetarian-friendly options and even food that is purely vegan. Whether you are a vegetarian stuck in an eating out or dining with a vegetarian friend, GrabFood’s vegetarian food delivery service will help you discover new vegetarian eats you never knew existed!

vegetarian food delivery malaysia

Vegetarian does not equal boring

Being a vegetarian or vegan is a conscious choice. Some people stand by animal rights while others are health-conscious, and we all can’t deny that being a vegetarian is generally beneficial for our bodies. Not only does a vegetarian diet help prevent cancer, and it also lowers blood pressure and curbs a host of health problems including diabetes and osteoporosis.

As more people go on vegetarian diets and consumers’ taste buds evolve, meal options have become increasingly sophisticated. Even regular restaurants are coming up with vegetarian-friendly options to cater to the growing demand for good vegetarian food. The wonderful thing is, vegetarian food can be as tasty, so there’s no fear of missing out.

Don’t hesitate! Explore your vegetarian options from various dining establishments in Malaysia offering a spectrum of different cuisines, from Indian, Western and even Chinese:

Indian Vegetarian Food: One can never go wrong with Indian vegetarian food that is loaded with aromatic spices and exciting flavours! With plenty of Indian restaurants in Malaysia to decide on, Mr Naan & Ms Idly LLP is a great place to start. Choose from the vegetarian menu and feast on traditional Indian dishes such as masala, mushroom tikka and dosa among other vegetarian options for a lip-smackingly good meal.

malaysian vegetarian food delivery
grabfood vegetarian food delivery malaysia

Western Vegetarian Food: Indulge in quality Western fare at KGB, a gourmet burger restaurant that serves appetizing burgers and sides. Their homemade vegetarian burgers are crafted with fluffy buns that are made with all-natural ingredients, like black bean and pistachio, guacamole and chipotle mayo to offer the signature Chloe’s Earth Burger. They also combine different ingredients like Portobello Mushrooms with cheese and egg and various sauces to give you Portobello Bomb and Sunshine Bella so you can enjoy a guilt-free pleasure of treating yourself with good food. Complete your meal with an addictive side of fries, ranging from regular straight cut fries to sweet potato fries.

Chinese Vegetarian Food: We know it is difficult to find Chinese restaurants that have vegetarian-friendly options, Nature Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the top few vegetarian restaurants that provide a delivery option. Using only the freshest ingredients, this restaurant dishes up Chinese fares such as the Steamed Fish with Ginger, Assam Fish, Claypot Beancurd, Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli and even Chinese dim sum like such as the Steamed Prawn Chee Cheong Fun, Steamed BBQ Vegemeat Bun and Seaweed Salad Roll. What’s mind-blowing is that the plant-based meats look amazingly realistic, it’s almost like eating the original!

Veg out with GrabFood

Vegetarian or not, don’t let this minor detail get in your way of good food. With GrabFood’s food delivery app, find yourself the perfect vegetarian meal to be delivered right to your doorstep and satisfy your tummy while staying healthy at the same time.