Japanese Food Delivery Malaysia

Japanese Food Delivery Malaysia

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Japan: The beautiful land of rich traditions, vibrant cultures and not to mention amazingly delicious food that has garnered fans from all around the world, including Malaysia! When flying to Japan is a distant reality, the next best thing is to get your food fix from the countless Japanese restaurants. Whether you want a hearty bowl of ramen or some luxurious sashimi, GrabFood’s Japanese food delivery service will deliver these equally authentic Japanese cuisine right to your doorstep, no flying required!

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The land of the rising sun is home to unique Japanese delicacies that have gained traction among Malaysians! Find out what Japanese fare is a hit among the locals and get some good meal ideas:

Sushi/Sashimi: These famous bite-sized morsels of heaven are meticulously handcrafted to order, to ensure their freshness. There is the all-time favourite sushi that comes topped with tamago, ebi and unagi to name a few, or sumptuous sashimi ranging from the well-loved salmon to the more decadent otoro.

Ramen: Springy noodles are soaked in various soup bases such as miso and tonkatsu and topped with an assortment of ingredients such as chashu (pork belly), Ajitama egg (flavoured egg), nori (dried seaweed), negi (spring onion) and menma (seasoned bamboo shoots).

Curry Rice: Not to be mistaken for Indian curry, the Japanese have developed their own form of the dish that is thicker and milder in heat. Consisting of spices, meat and vegetables, it is usually served with fluffy white rice and sometimes with crispy katsu (deep-fried cutlet).

Udon: Thick, chewy noodles are encased in a mild, savoury broth that can be hot or cold. Commonly topped with ingredients such as beef and tempura, this flavourful dish serves as a comforting meal when you want something simple yet wholesome.

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Can’t get enough Japanese food? Here are some exciting options to add to your ‘To Eat’ list so you get a diversified mix of the best foods that Japan has to offer:

Sakae Sushi: Japanese food lovers get to enjoy an assortment of freshly prepared sushi and with sushi options such as nigiri, makimono (sushi rolls) and special maki, and any others like ojyu, sushi moriawase and even pizza!

Hayadon: An udon aficionado will be pleased with the great selection of ramen available. From traditional favourites such as the Soup Udon and Curry Udon to the more unique Dry Spicy Udon, there’s something to suit everyone’s preference!

Kohi Yatta: If you’re looking to fill up on classic Japanese fare, this is it! With an extensive menu that includes variations of Burgers, Donburi, Omelet Rice, Sandwiches and Udon, your taste buds will never get bored.


Be it a sushi or udon fix, you don’t have to go far to enjoy a taste of Japan. Just use GrabFood’s food delivery app for a convenient way to satisfy your appetite for Japanese cuisine. With such an exhaustive list of delicious Japanese food to choose from, you’ll never have to fret over your next meal ever again!