Clearer and organised transactions


We’ve heard your feedback about your earnings and transactions being inconsistent across service types and too difficult to understand. Starting 26 April 2021*, we’re making it clearer and easier for you.

This change also gives us the opportunity to combine your experience across GrabFood, GrabMart, GrabExpress and transport jobs. All Grab jobs will now focus on earnings making it a seamless experience on our platform.

*The change will be released in phases.

1. See your net earnings upfront

Net earnings is the amount after commissions* are deducted from fares. This does not include tips or bonuses that make up your total earning.

This change will happen throughout your Grab driver app, from your ‘In-Transit’ screen to your ‘Job Details’ screen (refer to screenshots in Tab 1: Net Earnings).

With this change, you can focus on your booking because no more mental calculations will be required. So, please don’t worry if the amount looks lower than usual. There are no changes in the way your earnings are calculated, it is based on time and distance travelled to complete the job.

*Commissions are 20% for Transport and GrabExpress. For GrabFood and GrabMart jobs, commissions are not incurred on tips/bonuses.

2. Getting your cash transactions accurately

We provide clear instructions on how much to collect so that you always receive the correct amounts for your cash bookings.


  • For Cash bookings, please collect the total displayed in the final fare receipt (refer to the screenshots in Tab 2: Cash Transactions).
  • On the ‘In-transit’ screen, you can click on ‘More’ to view the receipt breakdown which will also show the total amount of cash to collect from your passengers/customers.

*Only Cashless bookings are automatically calculated so you do not have to collect anything from your passengers/customers.

3. Easy references for your Wallet Transactions

  • Clearer organisation of your Net Earnings, tips and spot bonus payouts.
  • We added a clearer way to identify your cash transaction adjustments for the cash that needs to be collected (refer to the screenshots in Tab 3: Wallet Transactions).

Please take note of these changes that will happen throughout your driver app:

For transport bookings, you will see net earnings in these screens:

Fare: RM 65
Commissions (RM 65 x 20%): RM 13

Net Earnings: RM 65 – RM 13 = RM52

The breakdown of fares and commissions will be displayed in the Earnings Details section of your ‘Job Details’.

For GrabFood/GrabMart orders, you will see net earnings in these screens: 

For GrabExpress bookings, you will see net earnings in these screens:

Fare: RM 5
Commissions (RM 5 x 20%): RM 1

Net Earnings: RM 5 – RM 1 = RM 4

The breakdown of fares and commissions will be displayed in the ‘Earnings Details‘ section of your ‘Job Details’.

[IMPORTANT] For Cash bookings, please collect the total amount displayed in ‘More’ and ‘Fare Receipt’ screens:

[IMPORTANT] For Cash GrabFood orders*, please collect the total amount displayed in the ‘Receipt‘ screen:

You will see clear labels for net earnings, tips, spot bonus payouts, commission deductions and other transactions in your wallet history:

Toll reimbursement (for car delivery-partners only)

To claim toll or parking charges* for your GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabExpress deliveries, make sure to keep your receipts/TnG statements after you complete the deliveries.

Click here to submit your claim via Help Centre.

*Claims are capped at RM10 per receipt.

Weekly statement new design

New design for weekly statements is coming your way! You will be able to see your net earnings for each service type in the statement. Here’s how it will look like:

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