Have you received your GrabMerchant Starter Kit?

Make sure you receive the following items in your GrabMerchant Starter Kit:

1x GrabMerchant guide (English & Malay)
Refer to this guide for the next-steps on activating your GrabMerchant account.
1x GrabPay DuitNow QR code
Display this on your cashier counter to accept payments from GrabPay or all DuitNow participating e-wallets/banks.
1x GrabPay glass sticker
Stick this on your glass door or wall to show your customers that GrabPay is accepted at your shop!
1x GrabPay rewards wobbler
Stick this on your cashier counter to remind your customers to earn GrabRewards points at your shop!

Here are some simple steps to prevent any QR code scams:

Kindly scan the QR-ID display code to ensure that it correctly reflects your store name and location.It is highly recommended that you perform this verification from time to time to prevent any potential fraud or scam.

Always check the QR code to ensure it is not covering another code. As QR codes are displayed in public areas for easy scanning, phishers are able to easily print and replace a QR code without drawing the attention of vendors.

We'd love to hear from you

Should you have any questions or concerns, do visit our help centre for more FAQs or contact us at merchantsupport.my@grab.com.

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