Terms and Conditions: Grab e-Tunai Rakyat Programme

Last modified: 18 Jan 2020

 1. Eligibility Criteria
  • The programme is open to all Malaysian citizens aged at least eighteen (18) years old as at 31.12.2020.
  • To be eligible for this programme, applicants will need to provide proof of identity using a valid Malaysian NRIC, based on the records of JPN.
  • Applicants whose annual income was RM100,000 or more for the year 2018 are not eligible for this programme, based on the income the respective applicant has submitted in the applicant’s latest tax filing for 2018.

2. Programme Incentive

  • The eligible applicant will receive a one-off RM30 disbursement once the claim has been approved and it shall be credited in the applicant’s e-wallet within five (5) days. However, there may be delays in disbursement during periods of high claim submissions.   
  • The incentive can only be claimed by eligible applicants once, from 15 January until the 8 March 2020. 
  • The incentive is awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, while funds are available. 
  • Once redeemed, the incentive must be utilised by 14 March 2020 and any unused incentive will be removed from the applicant’s e-wallet balance. 
  • All incentives received are restricted from performing transactions such as peer-to-peer transfers, cash-out and remittance. All incentives must be utilised in Malaysia and shall be used for goods and services provided in Malaysia.
  • All incentives received shall not be utilised for any illegal activity.

3. Personal Data Protection

By applying for this Programme, the data privacy notice of GPay Network (M) Sdn Bhd (“we”) that has been provided to you, will apply. In addition to the data privacy notice, you agree and consent to us, our affiliated companies, the Government of Malaysia and its nominees, the relevant government departments and/or  agencies collecting, storing, using, processing and disclosing your Personal Data (which includes, but is not limited to, your name, NRIC, address, mobile phone number, and, where requested, bank account details, bank statements and transaction information) as follows to:

  • Provide and disclose your Personal Data to us, service providers (which may be located outside Malaysia), the Government of Malaysia and its nominees, government departments and/or agencies to validate and process the eligibility of your application to this programme. 
  • Validate the claim of the incentive with other participating e-wallets in the event of a dispute.
  • Process any complaints you may have against us for this programme.
  • Deliver any notice or communications to you through third party service providers in connection to this programme.
  • Collect aggregated data (including transaction information) on the products or services you have spent your incentive on.
  • Enable your Personal Data to a relevant third party service providers for the purposes to give full effect to the programme. 
  • Provide and disclose your Personal Data (which may include your transaction information) to the Government of Malaysia and its nominees, government departments and/or agencies to determine the success of the programme.

Note that you will not be able to participate in this programme if you do not agree and consent to the collection, storage, usage, processing and disclosure of your Personal Data. We will store your Personal Data in accordance with the data processing principles (including the Security Principle) contained in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. 

Terma dan Syarat: Program e-Tunai Rakyat Grab

Tarikh terakhir diubah suai: 18 Jan 2020

 1. Kriteria Kelayakan

Program ini terbuka kepada semua warganegara Malaysia berumur sekurang-kurangnya lapan belas (18) tahun pada 31.12.2020. Untuk layak untuk program ini, pemohon perlu menyediakan bukti pengenalan menggunakan Kad Pengenalan Malaysia yang sah, berdasarkan rekod JPN. Pemohon yang berpendapatan tahunan RM100,000 atau lebih untuk tahun 2018 tidak layak untuk program ini, berdasarkan pendapatan pemohon yang telah dikemukakan semasa pemfailan cukai pemohon untuk tahun 2018.

2. Insentif Program

Pemohon yang layak akan menerima pembayaran satu kali RM30 setelah tuntutan telah diluluskan dan bayaran ini akan dikreditkan dalam e-wallet pemohon dalam tempoh lima (5) hari. Walau bagaimanapun, mungkin terdapat kelewatan dalam pembayaran semasa musim puncak tuntutan. Insentif ini hanya boleh dituntut sekali oleh pemohon yang layak, dari 15 Januari hingga 8 Mac 2020. Insentif ini diberikan atas asas “first-come-first-serve”, sementara dana masih ada. Setelah ditebus, insentif ini mesti digunakan pada atau sebelum 14 Mac 2020 dan sebarang insentif yang tidak digunakan akan ditarik balik daripada baki e-wallet pemohon. Semua insentif yang diterima tidak boleh digunakan untuk transaksi pindahan ke rakan, pengeluaran wang tunai dan pengiriman wang. Semua insentif mesti digunakan di Malaysia untuk barangan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan di Malaysia.
Semua insentif yang diterima tidak boleh digunakan untuk sebarang aktiviti haram.

3. Perlindungan Data Peribadi

Dengan memohon kepada Program ini, notis privasi GPay Network (M) Sdn Bhd (“kami”) yang telah dikemukakan kepada anda di sini, akan terpakai. Sebagai tambahan kepada notis privasi, anda bersetuju bahawa kami, syarikat-syarikat gabungan kami, Kerajaan Malaysia dan penama-penamanya, jabatan-jabatan dan / atau agensi kerajaan yang berkaitan boleh mengumpul, menyimpan, menggunakan, memproses dan mendedahkan Data Peribadi anda (yang termasuk , tetapi tidak terhad kepada, nama, kad pengenalan, alamat, nombor telefon bimbit, dan, jika diminta, butiran akaun bank, penyata bank dan maklumat urus niaga) untuk tujuan:

  • Menyediakan dan menzahirkan Data Peribadi anda kepada kami, pembekal perkhidmatan (yang mungkin berada di luar Malaysia), Kerajaan Malaysia dan penama-penamanya, jabatan-jabatan dan / atau agensi kerajaan untuk mengesahkan dan memproses kelayakan permohonan anda untuk program ini.
  • Mengesahkan tuntutan insentif dengan e-dompet yang lain sekiranya terdapat sebarang pertikaian.
  • Memproses apa-apa aduan yang anda mungkin ada terhadap kami untuk program ini.
  • Menyampaikan notis atau komunikasi kepada anda melalui penyedia perkhidmatan pihak ketiga yang berkaitan dengan program ini.
  • Mengumpul data aggregat (termasuk maklumat urus niaga) berkaitan dengan penggunaan insentif anda untuk pembelian produk atau perkhidmatan.
  • Menyediakan Data Peribadi anda kepada pembekal perkhidmatan pihak ketiga yang berkaitan untuk tujuan memberi kesan penuh kepada program ini.
  • Menyediakan dan menzahirkan Data Peribadi anda (yang mungkin termasuk maklumat transaksi anda) kepada Kerajaan Malaysia dan penama-penamanya, jabatan-jabatan dan / atau agensi kerajaan untuk menentukan kejayaan program ini.

Sila dimaklumkan bahawa anda tidak akan dapat mengambil bahagian dalam program ini jika anda tidak bersetuju dan tidak membenarkan pengumpulan, penyimpanan, penggunaan, pemprosesan dan penzahiran Data Peribadi anda. Kami akan menyimpan Data Peribadi anda mengikut prinsip pemprosesan data (termasuk Prinsip Keselamatan) yang terkandung dalam Akta Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2010.

Enjoy 9% (RM8) Rebate at

  • Valid from 15 Jan 2022 – 28 Feb 2022
  • Minimum spend: RM88
  • Limited to 62,500 redemptions 
  • TWO(2) redemptions per user throughout the campaign

1. Campaign period is from 15 January 2022 (12:00am) – 28 February 2022 (11.59pm).
2. GrabPay users are eligible for a “RM8 rebate” in your “My Rewards” when you spend a minimum of RM88 on a single receipt via GrabPay Wallet.
3. The offer of “RM8 rebate” is limited to a total of 62,500 redemptions throughout the campaign period.
4. Offer is valid for TWO (2) in-store redemptions with a cap of ONE(1) redemption per user per day throughout the campaign. Shared across AEON Co, AEON BiG, AEON MaxValu Prime, and AEON Wellness throughout the campaign period. 
5. The “RM8 rebate” will be awarded instantly with a minimum transaction of RM88 with GrabPay at all outlets of AEON Co, AEON BiG, AEON MaxValu Prime, AEON Wellness; The rebate can be found under “My Rewards”. Rebate must be redeemed by clicking “use now” under “My Rewards” 30 days from the date of issuance.
6. The campaign will cease once all redemptions have been fully awarded or at the expiration of the campaign period, whichever is earlier.
7. Offer is based on a first come first served and while stocks last basis only.
8. Grab and AEON Group shall not be under any obligation to inform users, on any communication channels once the offer has been fully redeemed.
9. Offer is only available for AEON Co, AEON BiG, AEON MaxValu Prime, and AEON Wellness physical stores purchases at cashier counter only via GrabPay Wallet; offer is not applicable for online or GrabMart purchases.
10. Offer is not exchangeable for cash or replacements.
11. Offer is not valid with any other voucher, discount or promotion.
12. Grab and AEON Group reserve the right to alter, extend or terminate the promotion, or amend the terms and conditions at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes directly or indirectly arising from the promotion, the decision of Grab and AEON Group shall be final.
13. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and any dispute arising out of or in connection with promotion shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Malaysia.
14. This rebate is non-transferable to any party.