Sign-Up Bonus

It is now more rewarding than ever to join GrabFood! If you have a referral code, complete the steps below and claim your bonus now! 

Guide & Requirements

How to join Sign Up Bonus Campaign

Sign up in a few simple steps

Step1: Fill up the form here with the correct referral code. 

Step 2: Complete your registration and get activated.

Step 3: Complete 70 trips within 30 days to be eligible for bonus rewards. 

*Only applicable to applicants in Klang Valley

*Read the terms & conditions below 

Referral Mechanics: 

The mechanics differ based on the city the person you refer is in, and you are only eligible for payouts for referrals within your home city.

You will receive the referral payout once the new delivery-partner you referred reaches their trip target before the stipulated period. Please refer to the table below for more details.

NEW! GrabFood delivery-partner requirements: 

✔️ 18 – 69 years old

✔️ Applicants above 50 years old are required to undergo medical check up.

✔️ Must be a Malaysian citizen (Blue IC)

✔️ With access to a motorcycle (License L is not allowed)

✔️ Owns a smart phone with ioS (Apple) / Playstore (Android).

✔️ Without an existing Grabfood / GrabExpress / Grabtaxi account.

✔️ Do not have criminal records and pass background checks.

✔️ Have not been suspended or banned on Grab platform.

Terms & Conditions (Please Read)

1. This bonus is only valid for new applicants to the Grab ecosystem. Applicants must not have had a driver or delivery-partner account with us before.

2. Bonus payout will be made the week after meeting the eligibility criteria. 

3. This bonus is only valid for applicants in the Klang Valley only.

4. This bonus is valid only for applicants who have key-in the valid referral code. If the referral code is invalid, the payout will be forfeited.

5. Applicant must fulfill the criteria within the stipulated time in order to be eligible for the bonus payout.

6. Any incorrect details in the submission will not be processed.

7. This sign up bonus can be used concurrently with other bonuses (referrals, etc.)

8. Decisions by Grab made will be final.