Introducing our NEW safety measures!

We work hard to ensure that all our passengers and drivers travel with peace of mind – whenever, wherever. Your safety will always be a priority to us and we’re not letting up. That’s why we’re pleased to share some updates to make your journey as safe as ever.

Existing Safety Measures

  • Stringent background checks and training for all Grab drivers
  • Telematics to detect and monitor driving patterns
  • Real-time tracking of every passenger’s journey with ‘Share My Ride’

NEW Safety Measures

  • In-app ‘Emergency button’ feature to connect directly to MERS 999 in case of emergencies
  • In-car camera to monitor your Grab ride as an added safety precaution

These are just a few amongst our other safety measures and initiatives when riding with us. So no matter what, rest assured knowing that you’ll always ‘Ride Safe, Ride Sure’ with Grab.

Reminder: Please use the MERS 999 service responsibly.

To read the press release, please click here.

FAQ – Emergency Button/MERS 999

Q: Who is responding to the call?
A : The call will be routed directly to our Malaysian Emergency Response Centre. They will assist you. For more details about MERS 999, please click here.

Q: Who will be assisting me when I call?
A : The response unit from MERS 999 will assist you.

Q: What language should I use when I call MERS 999?
A : You can speak in English or Malay.

Q:  What happens when I press the button?
A : The app will prompt you to confirm if you really want to call 999. Grab will log all the out-going calls to follow-up with passengers and the authorities.

Q:  What is Grab planning to do to improve the button?
A : Grab will be investing further to eventually develop this into a smart, comprehensive and efficient emergency button.

Q: Will I be charged for calling 999?
A : No, the calls are free.

Q: If I am out of the country, can I still use the emergency button?
A: Yes, you can, however, it will be routed to the local emergency response unit. For example, if you are in Thailand, the call will be routed to the local authorities to assist you.

Q: What are the response units 999 can connect me to?
A: The MERS 999 response unit includes the police, fire station, Ministry of Health and the Civil Defense.

FAQ – Telematics

Q: What is telematics?
A: It’s a programme that leverages on the combination of machine learning and predictive analytics to identify unsafe driving habits by drivers such as speeding, swerving and hard braking or accelerating, and educating drivers about ways to improve the driving experience. Drivers will then receive a report every week for their reference and further action.

Q: How does Grab monitor the driving pattern?
A: Because drivers have registered to drive with Grab, we are able to monitor through the app and their mobile phone – similar to how Waze monitors driving speed.

Q: How does it benefit the passengers?
A: Passengers are assured that drivers driving will be monitored, therefore reducing reckless driving and ensuring that passengers get to their destination safely.

Q: How does it benefit the drivers?
A: This helps drivers to be more conscious of their driving habit, therefore, drivers can improve their driving to ensure their safety.

Q: How often do drivers receive updates?
A: Drivers receive a weekly report for their reference and further improvement.  

Q: How does Grab know if the details are accurate?
A: All statistics displayed in the report is exported from the information Grab has extracted from the device, so it is totally objective. Furthermore, it is only for reference so that you can have an overview of your week and improve yourself and will not affect your account.

Q: How will this affect my average rating, incentives and performance?
The sole purpose of this report is for you to have an overview of your week and improve yourself. How?

  • At this stage, the report are meant to provide feedback on your driving performance and does not affect your incentives directly.
  • Based on our studies of all the drivers, there is a STRONG correlation between good telematics scores and higher average rating, and this allows them to be eligible for their incentives as well.
  • The purpose of the report is meant to provide feedback on your driving performance. This awareness will allow you to be a better driver.

FAQ – Dash Cam

Q: When did Grab start this project?
A: Grab piloted the project in 2016 with 100 top performing female drivers in Klang Valley. Now, we are expanding it to nationwide.

Q: How do I qualify for this in-car dash-cam?
A: Selected top performing female drivers and platinum drivers qualify to receive the camera for free.

Q: How will I be notified to pick up the camera?
A: You will receive an SMS to inform you if you qualified. For Klang Valley drivers, you can pick it up from the driver centre in Jaya One, whilst outer city drivers must refer to their respective city leads and alpha drivers.

Q: How will I be notified to pick up the camera
A: You will receive an SMS to inform you if you qualified. For Klang Valley drivers, you can pick it up from the driver centre in Jaya One, whilst outer city drivers must refer to their respective city leads and alpha drivers.

Q: What if I don’t qualify, can I still buy it?
A: You can purchase it from our official Safety Camera Partner – Eagle-I at a discounted price. Details will be shared at a later date.

Q: What do the cameras come with?A: Cameras come with a memory card, a sticker at the back of the camera with a Grab logo, and 2 in-car hangers to inform passengers that the ride is being monitored for their safety purposes. In addition, there will be a protective seal to ensure that the memory card is not tampered with.

Q: How long is the recording?
A: The recording is 40 minutes long on Full 1080p, 60 minutes long on 720p and 90 minutes long on 480p.  The recording is seamless but looped into brackets of 3 minutes on default (This means that a 60-minute recording will be broken down to 20 separate files when extracted.)

Q: How does Grab ensure that drivers do not tamper with the recording?
A: The cameras will have a protective seal, drivers are not allowed to tamper with the seal. If for any reason Grab needs to retrieve the memory card, drivers need to come to the centre. Following that, Grab will place another protective seal.

Q: What if I buy my own camera and not your recommended model?
A: Drivers can purchase their own camera; however it is at the discretion of the driver.

Q: How long can I keep the camera?
A: Driver can keep the cameras as long as you are driving for Grab. If drivers terminate their account or are banned, drivers will need to return the camera.

Official safety partner : Eagle i


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