Introducing Grab e-Kitchen

New food delivery service this fasting season

Tekan di sini untuk terjemahan Bahasa Melayu

[Update 23 Apr: We’ve added the locations of e-Kitchen! Refer to the FAQ for more information]

During this period of social distancing, we will be collaborating with the state government and local councils to introduce Grab e-Kitchen in Selangor! From 24 April to 23 May, GrabFood driver-partners and delivery-partners in Klang Valley will be able to receive e-Kitchen food orders, on top of the existing types of orders.

This initiative is aimed to provide more income opportunities to our driver-partners and delivery-partners during the fasting season, while supporting local merchants in delivering Ramadan favourites to our consumers.

How does it work?

You will receive e-Kitchen orders as you would with GrabPasar orders. You may be allocated a job order with multiple food items from different merchants. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Food items will be displayed under the merchants’ name if the order has multiple food items from different merchants. To see the order screen with these details, click the ‘Arrive’ button when you arrive at the e-Kitchen.
  • When collecting the food items from the merchant, check to make sure your order ID matches theirs.
  • Before leaving the e-Kitchen, please check and make sure you have collected all of the food items from the respective merchants.

What to do when you get e-Kitchen food orders

  • When picking up e-Kitchen orders, you will need to undergo a temperature check each time before you can enter the e-Kitchen. If your temperature meets the requirement, you’ll be allowed to enter (Only a limited number of people will be allowed in the venue at any given time. Please follow the instructions given by the safety personnel at the venue entrance).
  • Please click the ‘Arrive’ button once you arrive at the merchant’s location. This will show you the stall’s lot number next to the merchant’s name in the order screen if it’s a mix & match order. Then you can check against the map that is displayed at the venue entrance to find the location of each merchant.
  • When collecting the order, kindly make sure the food is packed and sealed properly (You may request for extra plastic bags for big and heavier orders).
  • Make sure you’ve collected all the food items listed in the order screen.

Am I eligible to receive e-Kitchen orders?

All GrabFood driver-partners and delivery-partners in Klang Valley are eligible and will be allocated these orders.

However, to help you prepare for this type of order, we highly recommend you to complete the training on GrabAcademy first. Click the button below to get started.


What is Grab e-Kitchen?

Grab e-Kitchen is a new on-demand food delivery service. With the Movement Control Order (MCO) still in place, we’re introducing this service to provide our driver-partners and delivery-partners with more income opportunities.

As the service is provided through the Grab app and will be cashless, it will minimise physical contact while helping local merchants provide Ramadan favourites to consumers.

Where will the e-Kitchens be located?

The locations of e-Kitchen are listed below:

What are the operating hours for Grab e-Kitchen?

The e-Kitchen will operate from 2.30pm to 6.30pm (last order is at 6pm).

How will I be allocated e-Kitchen orders?

e-Kitchen orders will be allocated similarly to GrabPasar orders. Driver-partners and delivery-partners may be allocated a job with multiple food items from different merchants. Please make sure to pick up all the food items in the list before leaving.

Where will the e-Kitchen service be offered to consumers?

The e-Kitchen service will only be offered in Klang Valley, specifically Selangor.

What is the incentive structure for e-Kitchen service?

The incentive structure will be the same as GrabFood.

What should I do if one or more items in the order is out of stock?

In the event where one or more items in the order is out of stock, please contact Customer Service to inform us. We will contact the consumer on your behalf about the incomplete order and you can proceed to pick up the other food items.

If ALL the food items in the order are out of stock, please cancel the order and select “Item is Unavailable” as the reason.

Will there be batched orders? In other words, is there a possibility that I will have to pick up more than one order at the same time?


Will I be able to purchase items at the e-Kitchen when I go to collect food for consumers?

No, the e-Kitchen is only open to consumers who are purchasing the items via the Grab app. You will not be able to make any purchases at the e-Kitchen.

Kindly be reminded that all members of the Grab community are required to follow the Code of Conduct and Terms of Services.