Self-care tips on how to cope with the pandemic

Here are some ways to help you get through this difficult time

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During this Covid-19 pandemic, it’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed by the current situation.

If you’re feeling like this, do take some time to manage your well-being and emotions by practising the following self-care tips!

Physical 💪

  • Rest up: Getting enough sleep is important for your physical well-being and immune system. Don’t tire yourself out and definitely don’t stay up too late binge-watching shows or movies!
  • Get moving: Observing social distancing shouldn’t stop you from exercising. Do some light workouts at home if you don’t want to exercise outside.
  • Step outside: If you can, spend time outside by going for a walk at a park. A change of scenery helps but don’t forget to wear your mask!
  • Moisturise: During this time, most of us are constantly using sanitisers or washing our hands. To avoid dry skin, remember to apply some lotion afterwards!

Mental 🧠

  • Stay entertained: Music is a great way to keep entertained! Put on your favourite songs to boost your mood or relax. If not, try listening to a podcast, you may learn something new!
  • Unplug & recharge: The news can be overwhelming. Do switch off your phone or TV for a while for a digital detox. Spend that time on activities you enjoy, such as reading a book, hiking, or gardening.
  • Reach out: Practising social distancing can feel isolating. Aside from texting, call your loved ones to check in or to just say hi. It does wonders for your mental health!
  • Meditate: Take breaks during the day and try meditating or praying to reduce stress. Breathing exercises are also great to manage anxiety so do give it a go!

Nutrition 🥗

  • Hydrate yourself: Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Limit caffeine intake during the day and opt for tea instead!
  • Eat well: Include more fruits and veggies in your meal to keep a balanced diet. Love to snack? Us too! But do remember not to overdo it.
  • Enrich: Besides eating right, do take supplements like vitamins to enhance your immune system.

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