Easy workouts you can do at home

Stay fit when you’re stuck indoors with Celebrity Fitness!

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Looking for some exercises that you can do at home? Here are a few simple bodyweight workouts that you can try in your living room, put together by our friends at Celebrity Fitness!

1. Back to basics 🎽

Simple yet effective, you just can’t go wrong with these basic exercises! Do ten repetitions for each movement and for 2 rounds, and you’ll definitely feel the burn.

Let’s get physical! Try out our equipment-free bodyweight moves guaranteed to make you sweat and feel like a star. Be sure to warm-up beforehand with help from our previous post✨✅ Squats✅ Side-to-Side Run✅ Push-Ups✅ Lateral Plank Walk✅ V Sit-Up✅ Hip Bridge✅ Back Extensions✅ Bear Crawl HoldPerform 10 repetitions for each movement & repeat for 2 rounds. Try it out and share it with us by tagging #KeepOnGlowing, we want to see you glow.🤩#CelebrityFitnessMalaysia#WeCare#EvolutionWellness

Posted by Celebrity Fitness Malaysia on Thursday, 19 March 2020


2. Spice it up 💪

If you’re bored with the basics, try these to make your workout routine more fun! We suggest 10 repetitions for each movement and for 3 rounds to really get the blood pumping.

Home Workout Celebrity Fitness

Time to #KeepOnGLowing with some of these killer bodyweight moves, perfect for adding variety into your routine🤩Share your GLOW with us by uploading a short vid of you trying it out and TAG us on social✨✅Drop Squat Reach Down/Up✅High Knee Runs✅Plank Jack✅Plyo Lunges✅Burpee Heel Tap✅Out In Push UpFor a complete workout, perform 3 sets for each move!#CelebrityFitnessMalaysia#WeCare#EvolutionWellness

Posted by Celebrity Fitness Malaysia on Thursday, 9 April 2020


3. Sofa so good! 🛋️

Need to sweat it out without really leaving your sofa? Just incorporate it in your workout! Complete 2 rounds, 10 repetitions each for each movement and you’re good to go.

#KeepOnGlowing Home Workout

No excuses to stop that GLOW. Grab a stable chair or use a couch and start slaying✨✨✨✅ Step Up✅ Push-Up with Jacks✅ Incline Mountain Climber✅ Chair Tricep Dips#KeepOnGlowing and share a short vid of you working it by tagging us in your uploads!#CelebrityFitnessMalaysia#WeCare#EvolutionWellness

Posted by Celebrity Fitness Malaysia on Wednesday, 25 March 2020


We hope you’ve tried and enjoyed these home workouts. If you want more videos like these, don’t forget to follow Celebrity Fitness on Facebook or Instagram! 

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