Pursuing Clarity on Regulations 

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Recently, there has been a significant amount of incidents surrounding e-hailing services specifically in Penang International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We understand that this may have been a cause of concern among our driver-partners, who are hardworking Malaysians trying to earn an honest income. In addition, there has been comments by certain parties who have misinterpreted certain laws pertaining to the e-hailing industry.

Therefore, we recently released a statement to address these matters and requested the authorities to provide clearer and actionable guidelines in facilitating the e-hailing regulations.

The following are the highlights from the statement:

1. E-hailing law and regulations

The e-hailing industry is regulated with the bill being passed in Parliament. The industry has been placed under a formal regulatory framework, and enforcement will officially begin on 12 July 2019.

Leading up to that, we are committed to keep you informed and prepared for this journey. We will also send reminders for you to take action when required.

2. Designated waiting areas in airports

The designated waiting areas at KLIA and klia2 (commonly known as Landside) were provided by Ministry of Transport (MOT) and Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB), as a result of a meeting that took place in 2017 after the passing of e-hailing regulations by Parliament.

Therefore, we would like to assure our driver-partners that you are allowed to continue waiting at the designated waiting areas, and may also continue to pick up/drop off passengers at the airport, as long as the booking is done via the Grab App. Please park responsibly at the designated waiting areas, do not obstruct traffic at the airports, and be safe at all times.

3. Airport summons

If you are issued a summon by JPJ when you are picking up/dropping off through the app, please go to your local JPJ office to submit an appeal. You will also need to show your job history as proof that you were in the area to pick up/drop off passengers.

4. Driver-partners’ personal safety

At Grab, your safety is our biggest concern. If you are harassed by any party, we strongly advise you to report the incident to the police. You should also share the police report with us via the “My safety was put at risk” article on Help Centre.

We are taking the necessary steps to ensure stronger quality measures are in place for our driver-partners and that the guidelines that have been formally set are adhered to. Rest assured, we will continue to engage the relevant agencies to push for clarity on the guidelines and our community’s welfare is protected.