New & improved rating feature

Share your feedback via a 5-star rating scale!

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We heard you! To improve your feedback submission experience, we will be introducing the Driver Rate Consumer Feature starting 22 June (Monday).

This enhanced feature will appear at the end of every trip or delivery and will replace the previous rating system.

*This version will be launched in phases

What’s new?

1. Fairer & clearer

You can now rate using a 5-star rating scale instead! Also, rating now applies to all service types (i.e. transport, food, delivery).

2. More detailed & comprehensive 

More options and reasons to choose from so that you can submit a more accurate feedback to us!


  • If you don’t submit your rating at the end of the trip or delivery, you can do so at the Job History section within 72 hours.
  • Consumers will not be able to see the ratings given to them. This enhanced feature is for Grab’s internal use.
  • To ensure fairness of the rating system, Grab will continue to investigate the ratings from both parties and will take action when any party has been found to be breaking Grab’s community guidelines or code of conduct.


1. I am still using the old rating system. What do I need to do to start using the enhanced feature?

The enhanced feature will be launched in phases starting 22 June (Monday).

2. When can I use this enhanced rating feature?

When this enhanced feature is made available to you, you can rate using it at the end of your trip or delivery. Alternatively, you can also go to the Job History section to rate there if you didn’t rate before.

3. What will happen if I don’t submit any rating at the end of my trip/delivery?

You can still rate your trip/delivery within 72 hours at the Job History section. However, after 72 hours, you will not be able to rate anymore.

4. Can I change the rating that I gave after submitting?

No, ratings that have been submitted can’t be changed.