Keeping traditions alive at Rumah Terbuka Raya Online

A bit of social distance makes the heart grow fonder

Tekan di sini untuk terjemahan Bahasa Melayu

This Aidilfitri might be celebrated in moderation but that doesn’t mean it’s any less meaningful!

In keeping with our annual tradition, we held our usual Raya get-together online this year, and here’s how it went.

Opening our doors virtually for our Grab family

This year, together with our friends at OPPO, we greeted our Grab family at our Rumah Terbuka Raya Online via Rakan Grab Facebook Group. Hosted by Rejim with sign language interpretation by Samuel, this open house marked our first ever virtual Raya get-together, as we weren’t able to hold it physically due to the pandemic.

To kickstart the event, we got up close and personal with some of the winners of our Cabaran Hantar & Menang Ramadan. They shared their experience during the challenge and even gave some delivery tips. On top of that, we announced the much anticipated winner of our Rider Raya Bergaya Contest who walked away with a brand new Yamaha MT-25!

Congratulations to Loo Hai Oh, Lee Weng Yin, Muhammad Zulfadli, Hariz Asyraaf, Cliffton de Costa, and Asmawi Ananan!

Our open house was not short of entertainment, too. Besides performances from our very own partners, we were also captivated by the musical talents of Bunga and Aizat Amdan who sang nostalgic Raya tunes! Another big highlight of the live stream was our prize giveaways – tons of items were given away such as OPPO gadgets, fuel vouchers, and a variety of Grab merchandise.

What’s Raya without Raya songs?

To conclude the live stream, the teams at Grab got together and greeted everyone in a special video compilation. From our northern office all the way to Borneo, we ended the occasion in a festive high note by warmly wishing our viewers Selamat Hari Raya.

From all of us at Grab, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin!

Though virtual, we’re glad we still had the chance to celebrate Raya with our partners this year. We hope everyone enjoyed the live stream and all the activities we had, especially the giveaways.

A huge shoutout to OPPO for sponsoring and supporting our Rumah Terbuka Raya Online. And to everyone that tuned in till the end, thank you and see you again next year!

Didn’t get to visit our virtual open house? 😔

Don’t worry, you can still catch the recording of it on our Rakan Grab Facebook Group by clicking the button below.

However, a friendly reminder that you need to be a member of our Facebook group first to watch. To join, fill in your details here.

Counting down to Aidilfitri: Initiatives to capture the Raya spirit 🌙

Some of our initiatives leading up to Rumah Terbuka Raya Online!

The open house isn’t the only thing we organised! Throughout Ramadan & Raya, we launched a couple of fun contests & initiatives to celebrate the festive season, such as:

If you participated in them, we hope you liked them. To those who didn’t get to, stay tuned for similar initiatives in the near future!

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