GrabProtect: #RideItOutBersama Safely


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With COVID-19 changing the way we live, we understand that the past few months have been challenging. Change is never easy but we must continue to adapt to the new normal as Malaysia gets back on her feet.

Therefore, we’ve designed a new routine and partnered with trusted brands to put health and safety first. Here’s what it looks like:


Passengers will be required to declare their health status before booking a ride. Driver-partners and delivery-partners are also required to complete an online health declaration every 24 hours to be able to receive jobs.

Wear a Mask 

All driver-partners and passengers must always wear a mask throughout the ride. All delivery-partners must also always wear a mask when collecting and delivering orders.

Use GrabBenefits

  1. Redeem the Hygiene Care Kit

We have partnered with trusted brands to ensure your rides are safer! Active* driver-partners will be able to redeem* the Hygiene Care Kit that consists of ONE (1) Disinfectant Spray and ONE (1) Hand Sanitiser. The number of kits a driver-partner can redeem in the one-time redemption is based on their GrabBenefits tier status.

We will send in-app notifications to eligible active driver-partners to redeem from GrabBenefits soon, so please stay tuned.

Please use the Hygiene Care Kit as frequently as possible to disinfect your surroundings to protect yourself and your passenger. If passengers request for hand sanitiser, please share some with them.

How-to Guide on cleaning the car:

* Have completed at least one ride in the past 30 days
**Hygiene Care Kit will be distributed in phases starting from 13 August 2020. It will only be available to driver-partners in East Malaysia from September 2020.

Monthly Redemption of Hygiene Care Kit

From September 2020 onwards, it’s COMPULSORY to have the Hygiene Care Kit in the car at all times for ALL driver-partners in GrabCar Plus.

These driver-partners will be subjected to stricter disciplinary actions if they don’t have the kit in the car at all times

GrabCar Plus driver-partners can redeem Hygiene Care Kits every month based on their monthly GrabBenefits tier status.

Platinum driver-partners are able to redeem more kits because they complete more rides per month, click here to view the tier requirements.

***Active in the previous month or in the current month

NOTE: For cities such as Kota Kinabalu, Lahad Datu,Tawau and Sandakan, we will be launching a temporary service type as there is no GrabCar Plus in those cities. Eligible platinum driver-partners will be informed and added to that service type before October 2020. Driver-partners in the temporary service type will be able to redeem Hygiene Care Kit monthly.

  1. Subsidised Disinfection Services

We have partnered up with a few partners to bring you a disinfection service* using medical grade products that are non-toxic, non-irritant and non-tainting. Exclusively for Grab driver-partners and delivery-partners, the service is available at discounted rates to disinfect car cabins and delivery-bags.

For sanitisation of delivery-bags, Grab is subsidising this cost further at selected workshops till 30 September 2020. Please check the GrabBenefits section in the driver app for more information.

*Only available in Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Negeri Sembilan, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Sibu and Miri at selected locations. Will be made available in other cities very soon.


We will waive off the penalty for driver-partners that cancel a ride if the passenger is not wearing a mask. Grab’s in-app feedback feature and Help Centre have been updated with options to report health and hygiene-related concerns, enabling driver-partners and delivery-partners to provide feedback after every interaction with a customer.


These times have shown us that we’re more connected than we think, and the well-being of the community is a shared responsibility. Such measures will enforce better hygiene habits, giving you greater peace of mind every time you choose to drive or deliver with Grab.


Let’s #RideItOutBersama

Follow more updates on how we’re tackling COVID-19 here.