Miri Airport Queue Feature

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In order to provide a seamless, transparent and safe experience to our driver-partners awaiting passengers at Miri Airport, we are introducing the new Miri Airport Queue Feature!

This feature is activated only if you wait for bookings at the Waiting Area, a designated location that has been prepared at Airport Road Commercial Centre.

Miri Airport Queue Feature will be available to all driver-partners from 3PM, 26 September 2019.

// Reminders while waiting for your booking

  • Please be ready to receive jobs when your queue number is 5 and below.
  • Once you have accepted a job, please make your way to the passenger immediately at the Pick Up Area. Do not wait for your passenger at the Pick Up and Drop Off area. Please make sure they are ready and waiting for you.
  • Do not block traffic.
  • Throw your rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Please park your car at the designated area only.

// For improved waiting experience

  • Switch your wifi on to improve your GPS accuracy.
  • We recommend that you choose and activate only 1 service type on your driver app to avoid losing your queue position unexpectedly.
  • Check to make sure your app is not locked or on standby mode.
  • Once a booking is received, remember to contact your passenger via GrabChat to inform them of your Expected Time of Arrival (ETA).

// Passenger cancellations

  1. Do not ask passengers to cancel WITHOUT VALID REASONS. If you are caught asking passengers to cancel without valid reasons, we will investigate further and will take disciplinary action if necessary.
  2. To avoid passenger cancellations, always respond to their calls/GrabChat messages and provide them an update about your whereabouts.

// Minimum credit wallet balance

Please ensure you have sufficient balance in your Credit Wallet in order to receive jobs from Miri Airport. The minimum amount required differs according to your service type.

Example 1: If you are on GrabCar or JustGrab, you will need a minimum balance of RM10 to receive jobs with fares RM50 and below.

Example 2: If you are on GrabCar 6-seater, you will need a minimum balance of RM15 to receive jobs with fares RM75 and below.

Where is the Waiting Area?

Image 1: Miri Airport Queue Waiting Area

Please refer to the map above.

  • Green – Pick Up Area
  • Blue – Waiting Area

Driver-partners will only get Miri Airport jobs when they are in the Waiting Area.

So, how will this feature work?

Think “First come, first served”. This means driver-partners who arrive at the Waiting Area first will be assigned the booking first. Driver-partners who arrive later will be placed in a queue and will have to wait their turn for a booking. Once you are at the top of the queue, you will receive the next booking.

Your queue position will be sent via the notification section on your driver app.

Is this feature applicable to all service types?

This feature is applicable for JustGrab, GrabCar and GrabCar 6-seater. Driver-partners can select to be online for all service types but we recommend only turning on 1 service type to avoid losing your queue position unexpectedly.

How will driver-partners be informed of their queue ranking?

Once you’re within the Waiting Area, you will receive a notification informing you of your queue ranking if you’re online. After the first notification, you will be notified each time your ranking changes, up till the time you get a job.

When there’s a new queue position, your inbox will refresh automatically to show the new in-app message.

Each message will expire after 2 hours, please look out for non Miri Airport Queue announcements while you are in queue.

*Images are for illustration purpose only

What if I don’t receive a queue allocation?

  • Be sure you are at the right place. The queue allocation will only take effect in the Waiting Area.
  • Depending on your mobile carrier, there may be a slight delay in receiving the notification. We advise you to wait at least 10 minutes before calling Customer Support.
  • You can also check your queue position in the notification section.

Can I be pushed to the back of the queue?

Yes. You will fall to the back of the queue for all service types if you:

  1. Cancel more than ONE (1) booking.
  2. Go offline/ switch off ‘available for jobs’ button for more than 5 minutes.
  3. Leave Waiting Area without any bookings and return after 5 minutes.

What happens to my queue ranking if a passenger cancels on me?

  1. If you’ve left the Waiting Area to pick your passenger up and your passenger cancels on you, your queue ranking for the cancelled service type will still remain on the top providing you return to the area within 10 minutes.
  2. However, your queue ranking for other service types will be pushed to the back. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to only have one service type switched on.