Calling Without Concerns

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Introducing VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), a new feature which enables all our Grab users to make outgoing calls without incurring any additional cost! You can now call your passengers and consumers with ease by using your mobile data. This will also protect your privacy better as passengers/ consumers can no longer see the caller’s phone number in the call.

What are the benefits using this feature?

Save money on your call charges

Calls are relatively cheaper when it is made with data, make sure you are subscribed to a data plan. That way, you won’t have to worry about using your mobile minutes whenever you have to call your passenger/ consumer.

Your phone number will not be disclosed

Both your phone number and your passenger/ consumer will not be disclosed. In other words, you won’t be able to see your passenger/ consumer contact details and they won’t be able to see yours.

Here is what you need to know about this feature:

  1. Just tap on the ‘Data Call’ button right next to the Chat button.
  2. To cancel the call, tap the End Call button.
  3. When your passenger/ consumer calls you, you will see an incoming call screen with your passenger’s/ consumer’s name.

Important Things to Note

VOIP calls can only be made via an active internet connection. If data is not switched on or your phone is not connected to WiFi, only regular phone calls can be made and call charges will be imposed by the telco company that you are subscribed to.

Check your internet connection if you receive a pop up message stating ‘No internet’. Just tap on ‘Try Regular Call’ for normal voice call. Charges is applicable as data is not used for normal voice call.


Why am I not seeing the regular phone number while calling?

All calls will now be done via the internet instead of a regular phone call.

Why can’t I make calls over the internet?

You and your passenger/ consumer must be on the latest version of Grab Driver/ Passenger Grab app for this feature to work.

What happens when I am in a bad network area?

If your data is activated, you can still make an outgoing call via VOIP. However, you have the option of turning off your data so that you can call via a regular phone line.

What happens when my internet is not active?

You will be able to call via a regular phone line.

Can I call via internet post ride completion for any Lost & Found issue?

At this time, Lost & Found calls (from History) will still be made over a phone call (via your regular phone line with number masking).

What happens when the call gets disconnected due to internet becoming inactive?

Your call will end. You can call again by tapping ‘phone’ icon on the booking page. You should be connected via regular phone call.

Can I use the internet call for all Grab services?

Yes, this feature is available for all available Grab services.

I am seeing ‘free call’ on the screen when I place a call. But, I was charged for my data. Why?

‘Free call’ is used to signify that you will not incur any charges on your phone call. However, regular data charges would apply as calls are made using your data.

I don’t want to use my data for calling. How can I switch back to the regular phone call?

Currently, we do not have the capability to allow switching back. This feature helps to protect your phone number privacy and we would recommend that you use it.

How do we prevent data over-use? (E.g. RM40 in excess data charges for a driver)

It’s not supported for now.


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