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Auto Accept: For an easier drive with Grab!

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Auto Accept: For an easier drive with Grab!

Introducing Auto Accept, a brand new Grab feature that automatically accepts jobs that come your way. With this added convenience, you can concentrate on the road without the worry of missing jobs. What’s more, you’re always in control because you always have the choice to decide anytime when you want to drive with Auto Accept – the feature can be turned on or off whenever you like.

How Auto Accept helps you

Driving Safely

No need to worry about multitasking while driving such as having to accept jobs within 10 seconds. This means better concentration and safer driving on the road!

No more Missed Jobs

Stepped out of the car to help a passenger, and missed a job? Auto Accept ensures you get that job. If you accept more jobs, you may collect more fares and increase your earnings.
It’s now easier than ever to maintain a high AR!

You’re in Control

Prefer driving without Auto Accept? You can enable Auto Accept anytime you want. You have power over how you drive!

How it works

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Can I choose when to drive with Auto Accept?

Yes! You’re always in control with Auto Accept. You can decide when to toggle Auto Accept on or off. When Auto Accept is on, jobs will be accepted automatically for you.

How do I toggle Auto Accept on and off?

For driver-partners on Android, the toggle button can be found under Settings. The toggle button can be found under Settings in the Driver Profile page. If you need to turn it off in a hurry, please toggle off the unavailable for jobs button and you will stop receiving jobs until you toggle on the availability button.

How do I know if Auto Accept is on?

If Auto Accept is on, the lightning icon next to your availability button will be green. Please note that tapping on the lightning icon will not toggle Auto Accept on and off.

What kind of jobs will I receive with Auto Accept?

Auto Accept will accept all jobs you’re eligible for. Example: if you receive a GrabShare booking, your matched booking will be Auto Accepted – you just need to follow the pick up sequence accordingly.

Will Auto Accept affect my incentives?

All Auto Accept jobs will be counted into your incentives. All requirements for your daily or weekly incentives will remain the same.

If I turn on Auto Accept, does it mean I will not receive any bonuses? (Applicable to GrabCar driver-partners only.)

No. You are still eligible to receive bonuses even with Auto Accept turned on. Refer to the Job History or the Partner Statement to see whether you’ve received any bonuses.

What happens if the passenger books the wrong taxi type?

If the passenger books the wrong taxi type, politely inform the passenger to cancel the booking and make another booking with the correct taxi type.

Is it possible for me to receive a back-to-back job while on Auto Accept?

Yes. You may receive a back-to-back job while on Auto Accept. The back-to-back job will be accepted automatically for you, and added to your trip.

What happens if a job is Auto Accepted when I’m about to go for a break?

As a Grab Driver-partner, you are encouraged to honour all accepted jobs. If you’re unable to carry out the job, please contact the passenger and inform them before cancelling. Remember to turn off your job availability if you want to take a break.

I have acknowledged the Auto Accept job alert but the job was cancelled by operator. Why?

This may happen if you’re in an area with poor mobile connectivity, and the Driver App was unable to detect your acknowledgement.

Why does this feature only appear in English when my chosen driver app language is Bahasa Melayu?

Please update your driver app to the latest version to view this feature in Bahasa Melayu (Android v5.37.0 and iOS v1.24.0).