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Drivers’ Cancellation Rate FAQ


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Cancellations are a bad experience for both drivers and passengers. To protect our community, we monitor this through the Cancellation Rate (CR) % and we take action against both drivers and passengers who frequently cancel without valid reason.

What is a Cancellation Rate?

Driver Cancellation Rate (CR%) is calculated based on the number of jobs you have cancelled out of the jobs that you have accepted. You can monitor your CR% on the driver app.

So, why did I receive a warning?

If you received a warning SMS, it means that:

  1. You have a much higher driver CR% compared to other drivers
  2. We frequently receive passenger feedback that you have requested them to cancel without valid reason
  3. This (point number 2) has happened for a few weeks in a row

Take note: The driver CR% reflected in your app may be 0% but you may still receive a warning SMS if you have repeatedly requested your passengers to cancel your rides.

How do passenger cancellations affect me?

Passenger cancellations will affect you ONLY if you have repeatedly requested them to cancel on your behalf. We also monitor your passenger cancellation behavior across multiple weeks to avoid unfairly penalising drivers who have been cancelled on many times.

When can I cancel?

You should only accept bookings when you are ready to complete them. However, we understand that there are certain situations that require you to cancel a booking. Valid reasons include:

  • Passenger doesn’t show and/or you’ve waited for too long*
  • You are unable to get to the pickup within estimated time shown on app (e.g., stuck in traffic for too long)
  • You are unable to accommodate a passenger’s request (e.g., fitting 5 people into a car)

*5 minutes maximum for all Grab services except for GrabShare and Multi-Stop Rides, which have a maximum waiting period of 3 minutes.

To provide a good experience, we encourage you to use GrabChat to inform a passenger of your reason for cancelling before doing so. If you have any complaints about your rides or passengers, please leave us a feedback here.

What are the stages before being banned?

If you’ve received the first warning SMS, do not fret, you can still improve your CR%. There are three stages before a Grabber is banned:

1. Soft warn

2. Warn

3. Suspend & Re-education

4. Banned

Tips to reduce your CR%: Refrain from cancelling your rides without a valid reason, and refrain from asking your passengers to cancel their rides.