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Grab launches the first two-wheels ride-sharing service, GrabHitch (Nebeng), in Jakarta

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, today launched the first two-wheels social ride-sharing service, GrabHitch (Nebeng), offering door-to-door long-distance rides at the lowest fares to commuters living in the outskirts of Jakarta, such as Bekasi, Depok and Tangerang.

  • Targeted at 38 million daily commuters who travel from Jakarta’s outskirts into the city center, GrabHitch (Nebeng) aims to improve traffic congestion in Jakarta by reducing number of commuters who travel alone
  • GrabHitch (Nebeng) adds to suite of complementary transport services – at different price points – available in the Grab app

Jakarta, 19 October 2016 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, today launched the first two-wheels social ride-sharing service, GrabHitch (Nebeng), offering door-to-door long-distance rides at the lowest fares to commuters living in the outskirts of Jakarta, such as Bekasi, Depok and Tangerang. GrabHitch (Nebeng) is a pre-scheduled motorbike hitch service that matches drivers who commute to work daily with passengers who are going in the same direction, so that they can travel together. This aims to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and alleviate traffic congestion in Jakarta. GrabHitch (Nebeng) fills a gap in the market where there are limited low-fare door-to-door transport services from the outskirts to Jakarta city.

69.46 per cent of the 1.38 million commuters who travel daily into the city center from the outskirts use private vehicles including car and motorbike[1], despite the peak hour traffic congestion. The public transport network connecting the outskirts of Jakarta to the city center is still being developed, yet it’s difficult to book services like taxis as most commercial drivers are concentrated in the city. GrabHitch (Nebeng) helps to fill this gap by giving regular drivers the opportunity to ‘carpool’ or ‘bike-pool’ with passengers, making even more drivers available to cater to the morning and evening crowds,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata, Managing Director, Grab Indonesia.

He added, “There are also many commuters who use services like buses or trains due to the lower fares, and the trade-off is that they need to change services a few times before they reach their destination. GrabHitch (Nebeng) is perfect for passengers who want a long-distance door-to-door ride, but prefer to pay more affordable prices that are in between bus or train fares and the usual taxi fare.”

Grab’s internal study on 10,000 Jabodetabek commuters revealed that more than 73 per cent commute to the office alone with their private vehicle, either its a car or motorbike. While the same study showed that more than 70 per cent of them are willing to share their ride for a additional income to cover their fuel cost.

Motorbike drivers who typically ride to work in the day can now offset the cost of the journey, with GrabHitch (Nebeng) fares designed to cover the driver’s variable costs, such as petrol and motorbike depreciation. The fares for GrabHitch (Nebeng) rides are calculated based on the distance of the ride and are shown upfront, allowing passengers to decide whether they are comfortable with the price before confirming the booking.

GrabHitch (Nebeng) now to enjoy the benefits!

“At Grab, we strive to outserve our customers. With almost 56.83 per cent [2]of commuters riding motorbikes into Jakarta, GrabHitch (Nebeng) helps many of these motorbike drivers who commute alone to conveniently find passengers to share the cost of their commute, and also have someone to talk to at stops during the long journey. This is an extension of the informal hitching (nebeng) culture in Jakarta, and we are improving it with efficient matching of users and stronger safety measures,” said Mediko Azwar, Marketing Director, Grab Indonesia.

Benefits of GrabHitch (Nebeng) for passengers include:

  • Cost: GrabHitch (Nebeng) makes your daily commute cost more cost-efficient, especially for longer distance trips more than 15 km with the base fare IDR 1,000 per kilometer and a minimum fare of IDR 20,000.
  • Social: Get opportunity to expand your social network as GrabHitch (Nebeng) allows you to get connected with fellow commuters going the same route.
  • Comfort: Get maximum comfort at a minimal price for long-distance trip. With GrabHitch (Nebeng), you can commute to and from Jakarta without needing to alight from a vehicle to another one. You can also schedule a trip from 30 minutes up to 7 days in advance. Our servers will ping your route request to drivers who share similar journeys and send you a notification if a driver accepts your booking. A reminder will also be sent to you 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Totally hassle-free!
  • Safety: To give passengers peace of mind, all GrabHitch (Nebeng) bikers and their vehicles will be vetted and verified by a dedicated Grab team before they are allowed to take passengers. They are required to provide valid documents from ID, driving license to vehicle ownership, and any offences that may put passengers’ well-being at risk. To help create a connected ridesharing community in Jakarta, GrabHitch (Nebeng) drivers and passengers log in to use the service with Facebook. This allows them to see each other’s mutual friends. Both parties can also indicate that they only want to travel with someone of the same gender. Other safeguards include in-app features like “Share My Ride” to allow passengers to share ride information with loved ones on the go, as well as “Driver Rating” to encourage GrabHitch (Nebeng) drivers to maintain high standards. A 24-hour customer service hotline is available to provide further assistance to commuters.

To celebrate the launch of GrabHitch (Nebeng), Grab is offering a special promotion for its first users. From 19 to 26 October, passengers can enjoy IDR 5,000 off of their first trip with GrabHitch (Nebeng) by entering the promo code GRABHITCHNEBENG before each booking to redeem the free ride.

GrabHitch (Nebeng) is a complementary transport service to Grab’s comprehensive platform of transport services. Grab users in Indonesia now have the most transport choices, including taxis, cars, bikes and bike-pooling, each of which cater to different customer segments – with different travelling and cost considerations. Passengers can use the Grab app to book whichever transport service they prefer at that point of time. With Grab’s large user base, GrabHitch (Nebeng) drivers – and drivers on any of our products – will also have a higher chance of getting bookings, particularly during peak hours when ride demands increases.

For more information about GrabHitch (Nebeng), please visit
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Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform. Grab solves critical transportation challenges to make transport freedom a reality for 620 million people in Southeast Asia. Grab began as a taxi-hailing app in 2012, but has expanded its core product platform to include private cars and motorbikes. Grab is focused on pioneering new commuting alternatives for drivers and passengers with an emphasis on convenience, safety and reliability. As part of its innovative culture, Grab is testing new services such as social carpooling, as well as last mile and food deliveries. Grab currently offers services in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. For more information, please visit:

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[1] The Indonesia Statistics Agency (BPS) Jakarta Province data in 2014 published on February 16th, 2015

[2] Ibid.

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