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Earn at ease with your fingertips

Be it to maximise your small kiosk’ profit or to start earning extra income – maximise your earning by becoming a GrabKios Partner. With the help of technology, GrabKios allows you to easily sell a variety of staple daily products and services such as Airtime to billing payment to insurance products. On top of that, you will earn bonuses from GrabKios!

What can be offered to your customers?

Money Transfer

Send money to any bank. Receive transfer services and deposit money to any bank quickly.

Top-up Grab Driver

Offer top-up Grab Driver service. Help Grab Driver Partners by top-up in their balances starting from IDR 50,000.

Mobile Top-Up

Offer sell phone credit. No need to be worried anymore if you run out of phone credit, you can get it from GrabKios.

Billing Payment

Offer payment services. No need to go to the payment counter. You can directly pay water bills, electricity bills, etc using GrabKios.

Insurance protection

Offer various types of protection insurance. GrabKios provides phone screen protection, property, health, personal protection and education insurance services for you and your customers, starting from Rp1,000.

Grab Driver Registration

Register Grab Drivers. Help your surroundings get more income by registering them to become Grab Drivers.

Apply for a loan

Offer loan application. Want to find the capital for your business? Want to increase income by offering loan products? No need to worry. GrabKios can help you connect with trusted lenders.

Gold Saving

Offer gold-saving service. Earn commissions and increase your income by offering gold buying products to your customers! Gold transactions are guaranteed safe and reliable because of cooperation with Tamasia.

How to register to become a GrabKios Partner

Download the GrabKios application

Enter your mobile number or e-mail, click MULAI BERJUALAN

Enter the OTP code, then press VERIFIKASI

 Fill in the personal data

Create an account password

Your GrabKios Partner Account has been successfully created!

Frequently Asked Questions

GrabKios is a digital application from Grab to enable everyone from individuals, warung or small entrepreneurs, to maximise their income. At this moment GrabKios app can only be downloaded via Google Play Store (Android).

By becoming a GrabKios Partner, you do anything (phone credit, pay bills, BPJS and others), you can send money and offer digital financial services, you can help neighbors become Grab Driver Partners to add income, to offer gold savings and other services.

To become a GrabKios Partner, potential partners must have an ID card and use an Android mobile phone. Potential partners can download the GrabKios application on the Google Play Store and then register to become a GrabKios Partner. After that, upload your ID card and store photo for the verification process. After everything is complete and processed, GrabKios Partners can use GrabKios products and services.

Everyone can become GrabKios Partners, starting from you, Grab Driver Partners, warung or shop owners, and others.

Information about GrabKios can be seen at:

Facebook: @GrabKiosID

Twitter: @GrabKiosID

Instagram: @grabkiosid

YouTube: GrabKios Indonesia