Ask drivers to help you buy goods


GrabJastip is an on-demand service that lets you engage a Grab driver-partner to buy goods on your behalf and have them delivered to your chosen destination.

Why use us


Buy anything from anywhere

From snacks to basic necessities, you can use GrabJastip.


Flexible payment, using OVO or Cash

Whatever your payment method, GrabJastip is ready to buy the goods for you first.


Save more with GrabJastip promos

Enjoy various discounts on any goods you buy.

Our Commitment to Safety

You control who sees your information

Our app and backend systems employ best-in-class security frameworks that guard users’ accounts, transaction data, e-wallet, and other private information.

Every transaction is protected

Our app features are continually strengthened and protected by the latest technology and our stringent processes, so users can do what they need with peace of mind.

A safer experience for all

No consumer should have to feel unsafe while using any of our services. Grab is always on standby to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

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Learn more


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Can't go out? Get our driver-partners to help you buy goods.

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