GrabKios by Kudo

All-round Digital Warung

Own a Warung? Be a GrabKios Partner

Whatever your need is, get it sorted at Warung GrabKios

Gone are the days where traditional warung are less capable than modern minimarkets.
At Warung GrabKios, there are various products and services that you can access at any time.
Be it buying goods or transferring money,
 you can do all of them at your nearest Warung GrabKios.

What can you get at Warung GrabKios?

Mobile Top Up & Billing Payment

Can buy phone credit & make payments. Too busy to go to a payment counter? You can pay it at the nearest GrabKios warung.

Money Transfer

Can send money to any bank.No more queuing at the cashpoint, you can now transfer or deposit money from warung.

Grab Driver Registration

Can register to become Grab Driver. Need extra income? Register at Warung GrabKios to drive with Grab.


Can buy groceries. Not only phone data plan, you can also get your everyday grocery needs from Warung GrabKios.

Cellphone Protection

Get cellphone protection. Every time you buy mobile top-ups at Warung GrabKios, you can get protection for your mobile phone.

Package Delivery*

Can deliver packages. Cut the hassle and queue at the delivery courier. Simply take your package to nearest Warung GrabKios, fill in the shipping data and select the shipping courier.

Gold Saving*

Can do gold-saving. Now you can save gold safely, reliably and sharia-compliant from only 10.000 Rupiah at Warung GrabKios.

*Only available in selected cities

Become a Warung Warrior!

Haven’t spotted any Warung GrabKios around you? Help warungs around your area to go digital by signing them up with GrabKios (it’s easy!). Not only benefiting them, you will also get OVO Cash reward for each warung registered. Check the full info here Warung Warrior

Find Warung GrabKios easily!

Look for one or more of these signs.

  1. Signboard
  2. Store Flag
  3. Info Board
  4. Shopblind

Frequently Asked Questions

GrabKios is a digital app from Grab to empower traditional stores or 'warung' & small economy to become more advanced. At this moment this app is only accessible via Google Play Store (Android). GrabKios app is targeted towards warung owners.

At the moment, you can buy and pay for anything (mobile top-up, billing payment, BPJS and others), can transfer money and deposit to any bank, can get extra income by signing up as Grab driver, as well as saving gold - all done in your neighbor's warung.

Warung GrabKios can be found in more than 500 cities throughout Indonesia. There are currently 2,6 million GrabKios Partners and the number will continue to grow.

Warung Kudo will gradually change into GrabKios. All existing warung with Kudo logo are now using GrabKios app, so the products and services offered are the same.

Warung GrabKios can be anything from small grocery shops, airtime shops, traditional food stalls, electronic shops, to payment counters and others.

For further questions, please contact GrabKios CS at and (021) 27514605.