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Report Shows Grab Driving Positive Impact for Its Passengers and Drivers

Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, has been driving positive social impact to Jakartan drivers and passengers, according to a Social Impact Study by a team from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Program.

Jakarta, June 3, 2016 – Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, has been driving positive social impact to Jakartan drivers and passengers, according to a Social Impact Study by a team from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Program. The report recognizes Grab for improving the lives of drivers and passengers in Jakarta, in line with its social mission. Grab continues to bring value to the Jakarta community as it celebrates its fourth year anniversary. To celebrate the fourth anniversary, Grab will also donate takjil, or food to breakfast, to drivers, passengers and the underprivileged in the month of Ramadan.

“The report shows that Jakartans think that ride-hailing apps like Grab significantly enhance their lives. Jakartans are concerned about problems like overcharging or waiting times, and Grab is glad that we can solve these problems for our passengers. Grab first started in June 2012 as a taxi-hailing app and has since provided multiple transport choices, such as cars and bikes. The report underlines the faith Grab drivers and passengers have in the reliability of the Grab app and the value we bring in terms of quality rides and better driver incomes. It is heartening feedback as we celebrate our fourth year anniversary,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata, Managing Director Grab Indonesia.

Key highlights of the Social Impact Study:

  • Grab’s consumers rated the platform highly on numerous factors, including improved accessibility, security, convenience and safety
    • Both GrabCar and GrabBike passengers feedback that the top improvements over existing transport services are that Grab improves time and fare predictability, enables passengers to avoid overcharging by drivers, gets passengers to their destinations faster, provides better service and is safe for their families to use.
    • Car hailing app passengers rated improved time and fare estimation asthe top benefit of an online transport app. No unfair charges and reduced waiting time were the next most appreciated benefits respectively.
    • Based on the survey, improved time and fare estimation and no unfair charges were considered equally important by ojek hailing app consumers.
    • The report also revealed that GrabBike consistently outperformed other ojek (motorcycle taxi) app on all measures, including affordability of fares, increased safety, trust to use the service rather than personal transport, and reduced waiting times for pick up due to Grab’s superior GPS and technology reliability.
  • GrabCar and GrabBike drivers get more passengers and have higher incomes
    • Car hailing app drivers rated Grab’s easy to use platform and work flexibility as the most important benefits of using ride-hailing platforms.
    • GrabCar drivers highlighted the greater income and work flexibility as other benefits of Grab platform. They said it enables them to achieve life goals such as saving for a house or paying their child’s school fees.
    • In contrast to car hailing app drivers, bikers considered getting more passengers as the most important benefit, and also flagged that Grab was a fairer way to get passengers.
    • GrabBike also outperformed other ojek app on income, pride, more passengers, fairness, better user experience and customer support.
    • The report further highlighted that GrabBike bikers felt pride to be part of the GrabBike community, and felt more optimistic for the future.

The Social Impact Study was conducted by a team from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Program. Over 400 passengers and drivers who use different ride-hailing apps were surveyed for the study. It is one of small example on how Grab has been true to its key missions, and driving positive social impact to the communities.

Grab Ramadan Campaign #GrabRamadanmu

To celebrate Grab’s fourth anniversary, Grab is launching the #GrabRamadanmu campaign, comprising a series of initiatives across all its services to give back to its partners, passengers and the society as a whole. Part of the campaign also include free high-speed 4G LTE mobile internet access for GrabCar passengers, provided by BOLT!.

Supported by Alfamart, the GrabTakjil Program is a charity program where 2.5% of every fare during Ramadan will be allocated to donate free takjil for bikers, drivers, passengers and orphans or the homeless in selected locations in Jakarta throughout the month.

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