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Grab partners with Rexona through GrabGerak: A ‘Movement for Movement’ to help the disabled in Indonesia

Grab, Southeast Asia's leading on-demand transportation and fintech platform has launched, together with Rexona, the household brand that believes that the more you move, the more you get out of life, GrabGerak, the first-of-its-kind solution to get persons with disabilities to be more active in their daily lives.

Grab partners with Rexona to build an inclusive and friendly ecosystem for persons with disabilities

Jakarta, April 25, 2018 –  Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand transportation and fintech platform has, along with Rexona, the household brand that believes that more you move, the more you get out of life, launched GrabGerak.
GrabGerak is the first-of-its-kind solution that accesses more access in their daily lives. Grab sees the opportunity to enhance their existing GrabCar offerings for persons with disabilities through the provision of safe and convenient transportation services.
Additionally, Grab has also partnered with, to gather funding for a Yogyakarta-based transportation provider for people with disabilities, Difa Bike.

According to data from the Social Service and Protection Program (PPLS) in 2012, there are close to 4 million people with disabilities living across Indonesia.
 The mobility issues that they face on a daily basis include navigating sidewalks full of street vendors, elevated pedestrian bridges without elevators, and even designated areas for these individuals that are misused by public transportation riders.
Furthermore, the ratio for access to persons with disabilities is 101: 1, which means that for all disability-related social organizations that they can access.
Given this huge gap, the private sector is expected to play its part in establishing an inclusive transportation environment.

Rexona developed Gerak, the first-of-its-kind voice-activated mobility assistant for the disabled in Indonesia. Motion allows persons with disabilities to speak or chat through the mobile app to find the nearest places that are disabled-friendly.
Users can get there by booking a special GrabGerak vehicle. Rexona believes that everyone, including those with disabilities, should be able to have access to mobility options easily.
As part of the brand’s ‘Movement for Movement’ campaign, Rexona will also encourage more disability-friendly places through the Motion app.

“As the leading transportation platform in Southeast Asia, it is a natural step for us to reach beyond what the market does.” GrabGerak is our collaborative project with Rexona to support people with disabilities in achieving their life aspirations and goals. “said  Mediko Azwar, Marketing Director of Grab Indonesia.

Grab partners with Rexona through the ‘Movement for Movement’ campaign to support the mobility of people with disabilities through several initiatives, including:

  • Improved service for people with disabilities: Grab to introduce GrabGerak, their latest service catered for people with disabilities, which prioritises safety and comfort.
  • Dedicated fleet: Grab will prepare a 118-strong GrabCar fleet marked with the GrabGerak sticker in the Jabodetabek area during the trial period.
  • Certified driver partners: 118 driver partners of GrabGerak have passed specific training conducted by Audisi that is focused on inclusivity and basic safety. The training is targeted at increasing the readiness of driver partners in servicing the new demographic.
  • Joint campaign with Rexona: Both brands will spread the inclusivity message through Rexona’s Gerak app, Grab app and social media channels of both parties to increase the awareness of the ‘Movement for Movement’ campaign.

The initiative to support the mobility of people with disabilities is not just a momentary commitment for Grab. In its inception, the Grab mobile app was just a simple ride-hailing platform. However, today’s version is far more evolved and has become more disabled-friendly. Suggestions and feedback from passengers have inspired Grab to push the development of the app further to ensure that it serves all users. Grab’s software engineers and designers have been working tirelessly on developing new app features for passengers — especially for users who require extra care or assistance.

Furthermore, Grab also partners with to gather donations for Yogyakarta-based Difa Bike, a transportation provider that provides specifically for people with disabilities. Grab users can help bring 10 3-wheeler motorbikes to reality by:

  • Donating through at
  • Posting ‘Movement for Movement’ campaign and GrabGerak-related content on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #GrabGerak and mentioning @grabid. Grab will donate funds based on the posts gathered during the promotion period.
  • Turning GrabRewards points into donation – redemptions start from 250 points (worth IDR5.000)

GrabGerak will be offered as a new vertical in beta version in Jabodetabek alongside GrabCar, GrabBike, GrabTaxi, GrabFood, and GrabExpress. Moving forward, Grab will continue to work with partners to improve the service and certify more driver partners. “This is a beginning for our company to truly serve all demographics in Southeast Asia. We will continue to seek opportunities and improve our offerings so everyone, regardless of the background and physical condition, are able to enjoy the best transportation service and reach their aspirations in life,” Mediko concluded.

“We are very excited to join hands with Grab and become agents of change in this area. Unilever believes in building brands with purpose. Aligned with Rexona’s brand identity, we are committed to invite everyone to keep moving with no exception. Although this app is designed for people with disabilities, we need the contributions of all parties. In this Gerak app, we can all contribute to provide information about location of disability-friendly places The more people contribute, the more people with disabilities can be helped. Then we can all move together. Beyond the application, we’ll also have more initiatives like Mapathons and Hackathons where everyone can participate. Our hope is that this becomes a true movement for movement,” said Ira Noviarti, VP Personal Care, Unilever Indonesia.

About Grab
Grab is one of the most frequently used O2O mobile platforms in Southeast Asia, providing the everyday services that matter most to consumers. Commute, eat, deliver shopping – and pay with one e-wallet. Grab believes that every Southeast Asian should benefit from the digital economy, and the company provides access to safe and affordable transport, food and package delivery, mobile payments and financial services. Grab currently offers services in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. For more information, please visit

About PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk
PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk has been operating since 1933 and is the leading fast moving consumer goods company in Indonesia. Unilever Indonesia proudly sponsors 42 brands that is divided into 4 categories, namely Personal Care, Home Care, Food and Refreshment. Unilever Indonesia became publicly listed in 1982 and its shares are recorded and traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Unilever is strongly committed to move forward together with Indonesia. Per December 2017, Unilever Indonesia net sales reached Rp41.2 trillion where HPC and FNR grew by 1.6% and 5.8% YoY. In 2017, Unilever Indonesia closed its total company’s growth at 2.9% YoY.

Profitability has improved where net profit grew by 9.6% YoY. Unilever has nine factories, which are located in Cikarang and Rungkut. In 2016, all factories have obtained Halal certification from the Indonesian Council of Ulama.

Globally, in 2010 Unilever launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) is our blueprint for achieving our vision to grow our business, whilst decoupling our environmental footprint from our growth and increasing our positive social impact. USLP has three main goals:

  1. Improving health and well-being of 1 billion people in 2020
  2. Halve the environmental footprint of its business operations in 2030
  3. Enhancing livelihoods of million of people in 2020

For further information about USLP achievements please visit : and for other information about Unilever Indonesia and brand, please visit and our social media assets, Twitter and Instagram @UnileverIDN, Facebook Unilever ID dan Youtube Unilever Indonesia.

[1] The Situation of People with Disability, published by Ministry of Health in H2 2014

[2] The Situation of People with Disability, published by Ministry of Health in H2 2014

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