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Merchant agrees and acknowledges that Grab
shall be entitled not to enter into the agreement with any merchant which Grab considered that it is not
commercially viable or any merchant who has any claim or dispute with Grab (including but not limited to any
outstanding debt in relation to breach of agreement, tort and other matters which Grab deemed it affects the
business collaboration.

By proceeding, I agree that Grab can
collect, use and disclose the information provided by me, on behalf of the applicant company,in accordance
with Grab’s Privacy Notice which I have
read and understand.



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How to register for GrabFood Partner Merchant

Documents Required for GrabFood Partner Registration

GrabFood Delivery service works

Merchant Partners Testimonial


No service fees for registration.

You will need to provide GrabFood the following documents to become a Merchant partner:

Thai requirement
Sole Proprietorship
1. Copy of Identification card
2. Copy of Bankbook account (Kbank or Krungsri with recent transaction movement)

1. The Certificate of value added tax registration (“PP20”)
2. Company Certificate (“DBD”) valid for 90 days
3. Copy of Identification card
4. Copy of Bankbook account (Kbank or Krungsri with recent transaction movement)

Foreigner requirement (Non-Thai)
1. Copy of Passport
2. Copy of proven residence in Thailand
3. Foreign Business License (“FBL”)
4. Copy of Bankbook account (Kbank or Krungsri with recent transaction movement)

1. Copy of Passport
2. Copy of proven residence in Thailand
3. Foreign Business License (“FBL”)
4. The Certificate of value added tax registration (“PP20”)
5. Company Certificate (“DBD”) valid for 90 days
6. Copy of Bankbook account with authoritized siganture (Kbank with recent transaction movement)

– According to Company Certificate (“DBD”), the authorizer is required to sign “copyright” and stamp company’s seal on copy documents.
– The power of attorney document is required if there is right transfer for others apart from committee to sign.
– A copy of the required documents must be certified by an authorized

To be GrabFood Merchant, you need to use mobile or tablet which is Android only! (not supported Huawei). We only support G-mail accounts for log-in GrabMerchant App.

No expiration date on e-contract. But you should sign an e-contract as soon as possible because our eaters are waiting for your food.

Please verify the documents for the fast process in order to join GrabFood.

After signing e-contract for 3-5 working days and the documents are not passed, you will receive an email with password to fill new form.

We are expanding the coverage to be more covered soon.

Yes, you only have to prepare required documents as list above.

You will receive orders from eaters via our application, “GrabMerchant “. You can download our application after you receive on-boarding email (applicable for Android only).

Daily sales will be transferred to your bank account by the next day. You can check your daily sales and report from GrabMerchant app and your email.

You can register to add additional branches (same ownership) by themselves with these simple steps:

1. Register to be GrabFood Merchant Partners via this website.
2. Receive an email with form and password to register within 5 minutes.
3. Choose status of merchant under the topic “”Adding additional branhces with same ownership or adding additional branhces””
4. Fill correct information about your merchant and you will receive e-contract to sign within 1 day via email.
5. After sign e-contract, you will receive an e-mail to learn how to user GrabMerchant App by yourself within 3-5 working days.

– An authorized person must be the same person who signed main contract.
– After the process is completed, an email will be sent out.
– Please verify information before submit document for the fast process to be GrabFood Merchant Partners.