Your on-demand concierge service

Introducing GrabAssistant, your on-demand conceirge service that will make your everyday life easier.

Stay safe at home and let GrabAssistant help with your everyday needs. From buying the items you want from stores to helping you run errands, GrabAssistant has got you covered!

How to use GrabAssistant

GrabAssistant FAQs

GrabAssistant is a new right hand man service where you can ask GrabAssistant to buy items from stores or to run errands (e.g. laundry pick up/drop off) for you.
GrabAssistant introductory pricing starts at THB 60. It is recommended for a customer to enter the closest known establishment as the start point.
The price shown only covers the delivery fee for the rider’s time and effort. Customers are expected to additionally shoulder other costs when relevant such as cost of the purchase (basket), parking fees incurred, toll etc.
Currently, GrabAssistant is available in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok area (except Nakhon Pathom) and Chiangmai.
No, every GrabAssistant request will be processed immediately after a booking confirmation.
You can change your order by contacting the GrabAssistant rider directly. Changing pick-up and drop-off locations requires rebooking.
The maximum total price should not exceed THB 1,000 and the dimension should not exceed 30x40x30cm. with the maximum weight of 15kg.

GrabAssistant does not include these services:

– Online top-up payment, prepaid card purchase
– Bill payment e.g. water, electricity and credit card bills
– Services regarding animals e.g. pet pick up and drop off
– Buying illegal or dangerous goods

You are highly encouraged to coordinate with your GrabAssistant rider for possible substitutes or adjustments in your request.
As of now, cash is the only form of payment available
Yes, but please make sure that the booked destination is correct and acknowledge that the third party will pay for the service
The GrabAssistant rider will be liable for it but if it is the customer’s fault, the customer will be liable for it.
You can contact your GrabAssistant rider and inform them the name and contact details of the receiver.
It depends on the rider, the distance, and other external factors. Always keep in contact with the GrabAssistant rider!

Yes, you can book GrabAssistant anytime as long as the store is open. Most reliable coverage hours is from 9am to 10pm. Surcharges apply between 9pm-midnight (THB 20), and midnight-6am (THB 50).