What is GrabPay Wallet?

GrabPay Wallet is a new mobile wallet launched by Grab in partnership with KBank.

Why GrabPay Wallet?

Go cashless and pay seamlessly with GrabPay Wallet. With a topped up balance, you can pay for any Grab services*. You can also save more and pay smarter everyday when you subscribe to GrabPackage with GrabPay Wallet! Plus, you will get access to amazing deals on our Dealbook.

*except for GrabCar

Let’s get started!

Save more with GrabPackage

Enjoy up to 50% off Grab services when you purchase exclusive Grab discount bundles using your GrabPay Wallet

Track and control your spending

GrabPay Wallet allows you to better control and track your spend with “GrabPay Activity” feature.

For Grab services, use GrabPay Wallet


Book a taxi. Or a bike. With GrabPay Wallet, no need to wait for change. Just thank your driver and be on your way.


Anything you crave for…Just order it and pay with GrabPay Wallet


Forget something? GrabExpress it! And pay with GrabPay Wallet while you’re at it.

Set GrabPay Wallet as primary payment method.