An App-based express parcel delivery service that is fast within 40 mins*, safe, and reliable
*within an average distance of 15 KM

Why GrabExpress – Instant Parcel Delivery Service?

Fast delivery service

Call a GrabExpress driver at any time of the day, and have your documents and parcels delivered instantly within 40 minutes*.
*within an average distance of 15 KM

Parcel Insurance

We offer real-time parcel tracking and up to THB 10,000 for GrabExpress (Bike) and THB 15,000 for GrabExpress (Car) and GrabExpress (Pick-Up) coverage of delivered items in the case of damage or loss.


Low delivery fees starting at THB 36

Delivered safely and with care

With our photo proof of pick-up and delivery feature, no need to stress about your parcel being placed in the wrong hands, or to the wrong place.

Size and Weight Limits for Each GrabExpress Service

*Applies to the combined size and weight of all the parcels within a single delivery booking

 GrabExpress (Bike)GrabExpress (Bike) - 4 HoursGrabExpress (Car)GrabExpress (Pick-up)
SizeSmaller than 25 x 35 x 30 cmSmaller than 45 cm (W+L+H)Smaller than 115 x 115 x 80 cmSmaller than 170 x 150 x 170 cm
WeightBelow 15 KgBelow 4 KgBelow 100 KgBelow 300 Kg

GrabExpress Fares

  • Bike
  • Bike - 4 Hours
  • Car
  • Pickup
Base fare36 THB
Fare per KM
1 - 20 KM
20 - 30 KM
30+ KM

7.3 THB/KM
8.1 THB/KM

Fare per additional stops
Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani
Other cities

20 THB/stop
15 THB/stop

0 - 10 KMFare 59 THB
Fare per KM
10 - 15 KM
15 - 30 KM
30+ KM



Base fare
0 - 17 KM
17 - 23 KM
23+ KM

100 THB
325 THB
425 THB

Fare per KM12 THB/KM
Fare per additional stops
Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani
Other cities

40 THB/stop
30 THB/stop

Base fare300 THB
Fare per KM15 THB/KM
Fare per additional stops
Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani
Other cities

40 THB/stop
30 THB/stop

How to use GrabExpress

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GrabExpress (Bike) - 4 Hours

A more affordable delivery within 4 hours*, delivered by shared motorcycle and is suitable for small parcels.
During Oct – Dec 2020, service area is limited to 10 km from center of Bangkok

Usage guidelines
1. Please make sure that your parcel size are within 45 cm. (Width + Length + Height).
2. Booking Period is between 9.00 am – 6.00 pm.
3. Perishable food and fragile items are prohibited from this service and are not included in the insurance coverage.
4. The system will allocate the driver for you within 1 hour. You can check the status of your delivery on “Activity” tab.
5. Your driver will be batched with more than one delivery. Please expect your driver’s arrival time within 2.5 hours*.
6. Once the driver is on the way to you, you can check the map of driver’s location on “Activity” tab.

*Estimated time calculated by Grab app, based on normal traffic and weather conditions.

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GrabExpress FAQs

GrabExpress is an instant parcel and document delivery service operated by motorbike, car (5-door hatchback) and pick-up truck.

GrabExpress operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Currently, our coverage is limited to Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pratumtani and Samut Prakan. We are always looking to expand our services though, so stay tuned!

You can reach out to the Help Center for help as soon as possible. If you don’t contact the Help Center within 24 hours after the booking time, Grab will not responsible for any parcel’s damage and loss.

Sender can choose either for driver to drop the parcel off at the destination via GrabChat or to return the parcel to sender with additional fee of 70 baht for GrabExpress (Bike) and GrabExpress (Bike) – 4 Hours or 150 baht for GrabExpress (Car) and GrabExpress (Pick-up).

Sender can track the delivery real-time in the Grab app and recipient will receive a real-time tracking link via SMS immediately after the booking has been made.

For Android users, you can book a maximum of 10 bookings concurrently. In other words, you can book another ride once you have already been allocated to your first one, by pressing on “Make Another Booking” in your passenger app. You can also chat and track each booking separately from your “History” page within the left navigation tab.

For iOS users, you can currently book only one booking at a time. However, a multiple booking feature for iOS is coming in July.

Waiting fee: In the event where the driver has arrived at the pick-up location and has waited more than 15 minutes for the sender to hand over his/her parcel, the sender may incur a waiting surcharge of THB 40 for GrabExpress (Bike) and GrabExpress (Bike) – 4 Hours or THB 100 for GrabExpress (Car) and GrabExpress (Pick-Up). This charge will be reflected in the final fare and paid by the sender.

Return fee: In the event where the driver has arrived at the drop-off destination, and the recipient does not show up to collect the item and cannot be contacted after 15 minutes, the driver will return the item to the sender and the sender will be charged a fixed return fee of THB 70 for GrabExpress (Bike) and GrabExpress (Bike) – 4 Hours or THB 150 for GrabExpress (Car) and GrabExpress (Pick-Up).

It is optional for drivers on all GrabExpress services to provide a door-to-door service.

  • Illegal or prohibited items under applicable laws and regulations;
  • Dangerous goods including hazardous or toxic goods, explosives
  • Illicit drugs or narcotics
  • Money and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as stocks and bonds;
  • Documents containing substantial amount of confidential information;
  • Animals (whether live or otherwise)
  • Bullion, currencies of any denominations, tax stickers, precious metals & stones, cash equivalents
  • Real or imitation weapons including firearms or part thereof, explosives, ammunition
  • Human or animal remains, body parts or organs;
  • Shipments without proper or adequate packaging;
  • Shipments that require us to obtain any special license or permit for transportation, importation or exportation.

Food and bakery can be sent via GrabExpress. Before the delivery, please make sure that the package is well-packed for delivery and that the driver understands the parcel delivery conditions.

However, please be informed that food and bakery are not included in the insurance coverage, Grab will not be responsible for any damages occurred during the service.

Should any damage occur, you may contact our Help Center or Click
provide your booking ID, contactable phone number and email address. Any incident
should be reported to our customer service within 1 day or 24 hours from booking
request time stamp. Your parcels are covered in the event of damage for 10,000 THB for
GrabExpress (Bike), and 15,000 THB for GrabExpress (Car) and GrabExpress (Pick-
up) within the terms and conditions as specified in the GrabExpress Damage and Loss
Claims document.

Grab reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions without prior notification and
any and all decisions made by Grab are considered final. For more information Click