6 main reasons why your store doesn’t pass the criteria

The copy of the ID card is blurry and unable to read important information or details on the card

  • The information on the ID card must be clear, including the ID card number, name – surname, address, card issue date, and expiration date.

Incomplete store address, missing house number or nearby important places (In case there is no house number)

  • The store address must always specify the house number
    • Example: 100/1-3, 307 Village No. 3, 126/153 Building D3, Lumpini Condo, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 43/1
  • In case of no address number or food stand, the location of the store or nearby places must be clearly specified.
    • The given information must be useful for searching the store location. Example: Ying Charoen Market, Lock 15, at the entrance of Soi Yaowarat 23, opposite the Grand China Hotel.

Owner’s phone number, Owner’s Email, or Store email already exists in the system

  • Stores cannot use the same phone number as other stores or branches in cases where they already have stores in the system

Copy of bank account is incorrect and unclear

  • Copy of bank account can be used both as originals and as copies. The copy must have clear details including the bank name, account owner’s name and account number.

The bank account name does not match the name on the applicant’s ID card

  • Bank account holder name must match to the name of applicant

The store name does not meet the application criteria

  • The store name must not be the name of a person, not contains vulgar or obscene words and not contains words that mention of the prohibited items.