Zero Packaging Waste by 2040

Food packaging waste is an inherent by-product of our food delivery platform, and we're committed to achieving this goal.


Our Impact in 2023

817 million

817 million cutlery sets opted out in 2023.


>50,000 recyclables, including food packaging waste, collected across reverse-vending machines (RVMs) in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our zero packaging waste 2040 roadmap

Reduce waste & move away from single-use plastics
30% of plastic packaging is diverted by 2030
Zero Packaging Waste in Nature by 2040
Reduce waste from overpackaging and unnecessary consumables (e.g. sauce, sachets, napkins and cutleries).
Develop reverse logistic mechanisms to increase adoption of reusable & recyclable packaging; enable waste collection for responsible end-of-life treatment.
Drive circularity at scale (reduce, reuse and composting) and recycling.

Trialling sustainable packaging solutions

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Default cutlery opt-out

In 2019, we started to encourage consumers to opt out from receiving single-use cutlery for their food delivery orders if they do not need them. Since then, we have made this a default opt-out feature to scale the impact.

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Reverse Vending Machines

Grab has formed partnerships in Indonesia and Malaysia to roll out reverse vending machines (RVMs) to help collect recyclables. In Malaysia, Grab partnered with KLEAN, F&N and MRANTI to launch 18 AI-driven RVMs, which were trained to identify and accept food packaging waste (e.g. containers, lids), on top of the usual PET bottles and cans that are commonly collected by recyclers. This ensures that only recyclables are properly collected and sorted at the point of collection.

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GrabExpress Recycle

In Indonesia, we form partnerships to incentivise consumers to recycle, using our GrabExpress Recycle fleet to pick up the recyclables and send them to collection centres.

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Banning shark’s fin on GrabFood

Considering the environmental impact that shark’s fin fishing has on the environment, we have actively removed shark’s fin items on our platform, or relabelled ‘mock’ (e.g. vegetarian) items for clarity.

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Encouraging reusables with milk on tap

At our supermarket Jaya Grocer in Malaysia, we have piloted an initiative in collaboration with Farm Fresh, to allow customers to purchase milk in glass bottles which are cleaned and reused. Since it was rolled out in September 2022, more than 31,000 litres of milk have been sold via these reusable glass bottles, with an average refill rate of 3.4 times.

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