Journey towards carbon neutrality by 2040

Grab has set an emissions reduction-first approach in our road towards carbon neutrality by 2040.


Our Impact in 2023


6.3% distance travelled (in km) are on low or zero emission modes of transport (EV, hybrid vehicles, cyclists and walkers).


100% renewable energy for all of Grab’s corporate offices that are under its operational control.

~$5 million

~$5 million funds channelled into tree planting, forest conservation and renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia.

Four levers to reach carbon neutral by 2040

Lever 1
Lever 2
Lever 3
Lever 4
Transitioning to low emission vehicles
Renewable energy for Grab’s premises
Sustainable business and tech practices
Carbon avoidance and removal programmes

A closer look at the four-lever approach

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Drive for innovation

We act as the link between driver-partners and solution providers (from financial institutions, infrastructure developers to automakers) to enable end-to-end trials at scale. Grab is in a unique position to help drive innovation as EV ecosystem players can leverage our data, technology and millions of driver-partners to trial and develop potential solutions to scale and serve the region.

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Drive for economic viability

In Indonesia and Thailand, we have EV rental programmes that seek to serve the low income segments who cannot afford their own vehicles, with daily rental rates and end-to-end maintenance support. We also have EV ownership schemes to lower the financing barrier of EVs with zero down payment required, and daily instalments and loan approval based on Grab’s record of the driver-partner.

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Drive for accelerated adoption

To encourage demand for EVs and provide options for consumers, Grab has launched and expanded the in-app vertical selection for EVs or hybrid vehicles in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

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A mother's green ride

“With GrabElectric, I don't need to think about the service costs or insurance because it is all covered in my rental fee. Battery swapping subscription plans are also more cost effective than buying petrol.”

Wahyuni Maharani


Grab driver-partner

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