Our inclusive workplace

We solve challenges and drive progress for Southeast Asia by bringing the best out of our diverse talent.


Our Impact in 2023


36% women in leadership, moving 2 percentage points towards our goal of 40% by 2030.


0.98 gender wage parity index: a woman employee earns 98 cents to a dollar paid to a man employee performing a similar role at Grab.


79% Grab employee engagement score, a measure of how positive people feel about their work, which is 3% higher than the industry benchmark.

Bringing the best out of our diverse talent

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Empowering inclusive growth

Grab empowers employees to own their growth journey through a wide range of development opportunities such as skills-based workshops, peer-to-peer learning initiatives like mentoring, and on-the-job practice. Immersive experiences allow employees to engage directly with users and partners, empowering them to innovate and develop solutions that meet real-world needs.

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Fostering a sense of belonging

Grab builds a culture of inclusion and sense of belonging by supporting initiatives such as employee-led inclusion communities, which are identity-based employee groups. There are four groups currently representing women, parents, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and with accessibility needs.

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Co-creating an inspiring workplace with employees

Just like how Grab's products and services are designed with feedback from users, ground truths from employees shape Grab's workplace. Through an annual Grabber Engagement Survey, Grab gathers employee feedback to build a truly empowering and inclusive workplace.

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Our workplace culture

“By fostering a workplace culture that prioritises inclusion and diversity, Grab is creating an environment where individuals from varied backgrounds can feel valued and respected, leading to a free flow of unique perspectives and experiences that can inspire greater innovation and success. This supportive and safe workplace also provides a sense of belonging for employees, which can boost morale and lead to increased productivity and collaboration.”

Pamela Knaggs


PMM Leader of Consumer Experiences

Co-chair of Parents at Grab Inclusion Community

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