A sustainable gig economy for everyone

Providing economic and social empowerment for our driver- and merchant-partners.


Our Impact in 2023


﹥99% of our driver-partners earn at least the local minimum wage after deducting their operating expenses, for their time on a trip.


100% of our driver-partners have accident insurance coverage to protect them from work-related incidents that may arise while they are in-transit.

Our guiding principles for a sustainable gig economy

Preserve flexibility

We commit to preserving our partners’ ability to choose when to work and how much to work based on their preferences.

Sustainable earnings

We pledge to foster a marketplace where our partners can earn competitively based on their effort and the local conditions.

Insurance protection

We provide driver-partners with work-related accident insurance coverage for protection while they are in-transit.

Fair work conditions

We maximise our partners’ safety on the roads through tech features and guarantee the timely payout of earnings.


We encourage our partners to participate in national savings schemes and financial literacy courses.

Professional development and career transition

We facilitate our partners’ access to upskilling opportunities and their professional development.

Creating sustainable livelihoods for our partners

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Partnerships with governments to support our partners

Regulations for gig work are developing quickly in Southeast Asia. Grab is working closely with policymakers to jointly formulate solutions to ensure a sustainable gig economy for all stakeholders.

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Improving the productivity of our partners to scale their earnings

Our partners can choose to toggle between our services throughout the day, and may take on multiple orders in a single journey. This allows them to diversify their income while saving time and costs. We are constantly improving our algorithms and rolling out features that improve efficiency and reliability, such as hyper-batching and just-in-time allocation.

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Serving more consumers to boost earning opportunities for our partners

Grab creates more income opportunities by making our services more affordable, accessible and inclusive across geographies and populations.

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Our commitment to creating opportunities for everyday entrepreneurs to build sustainable livelihoods.

Since 2018 we've sought to create inclusive earning opportunities to empower partners with disabilities (PWDs).
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Grab Women Programme
The Grab Women Programme aims to address safety concerns and barriers faced by women driver-partners.
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