Transforming lives through education

Supported by the GrabForGood Fund, the GrabScholar programme is aimed at uplifting the socio-economic status of our partners, the public at large, and their communities through education.

Currently only available in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Our Impact in 2023:


1,500 students who benefit from the GrabForGood Fund annually in Indonesia and the Philippines.

$1 million

$1 million committed to the GrabScholar programme through the GrabForGood Fund since 2022.

Uplifiting communities through the GrabForGood Fund

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Full university scholarships

Full university scholarships provides financial assistance for tuition fees and living allowance from the first year of university all the way to graduation, ensuring a seamless support throughout the entire academic journey.

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Bursaries provide one-time financial assistance to eligible primary and secondary student, offering support for purchasing essential items such as books and school supplies, among other necessities.

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