Number Masking: Another Way to Stay Safe

Introducing Number Masking

How does it work?
When you call your driver from the app, or vice versa, the phone number displayed to them will be a set of random digits instead of a real phone number. This privacy feature helps ensure that either party will not be able to contact each other after the ride.

Why Number Masking?
Safety is a number one priority for Grab, and we are constantly striving to make sure your booking experience as safe and secure as possible.

Do I have to pay extra for Number Masking?
Not at all. Standard carrier call charges apply. It’s just like making a regular local phone call to another line!

Why can’t I call the driver?
Please make sure that you are calling from the device with the same mobile number as the one used for registration on your Grab app. If you have dual-sim, just tap on your Grab profile settings and update the phone number to the active one used for making calls.

If this is not possible, you can always send your driver a friendly text via GrabChat. Just click on the “chat” icon next to the call button.


How do I submit feedback?
Visit the Help Center and share any feedback you may have for us there.