Recommended Promotions

An easy way for merchants to opt-in to GrabFood promotional campaigns.

We’re always finding new ways to help small businesses succeed and reach a wider base of consumers. 

That’s why, we’re introducing GrabFood Recommended Promotions, a self-serve feature on the Grab Merchant app, where any restaurant can opt-in to our upcoming promotional campaigns on GrabFood.

How does this help your business?

Boost your sales

Expect more orders and new consumers. Restaurants who’ve joined previously the promo have seen their sales increase consistently.

Be part of our campaigns

Our promotional campaigns on GrabFood will be advertised across channels, from social media to billboards, so our consumers can find your promotions easily.

Free to join

The best part—no additional cost to join the campaign aside from funding your promotions.

Recommended Promotions are the easiest way to join promotional campaigns by GrabFood to increase your sales. The promotions are pre-configured for you so you can skip the hassle of thinking and crafting a promotion on your own. 

GrabFood promotes our merchants’ promotions through different media channels (billboards, social media, special category/carousel in the Grab app, newsletter to our consumers, etc). Plus, there is no additional cost to join these campaigns apart from the promo that you are funding.

Recommended Promotions can be found in the promotion tab. You’ll be guided step-by-step after you click on “Join Promotion”.

Your promotion will be reviewed by Grab and once approved, it will start running based on the promotion schedule.

Grab will be crafting the promotional campaigns regularly. You’ll be notified of the upcoming Recommended Promotion via inbox message. Make sure to check your inbox message on the app regularly!