Earn efficiently by spending less time to get more bookings!


1. How do I set up GrabShare on my phone?

Driver-partners who have completed 10 GrabCar/JustGrab rides upon activation will receive GrabShare bookings.


2. Why is GrabShare only available at certain areas and times?

At the moment, GrabShare is made available at peak periods and in crowded areas where demand is high to ensure quality matches and a great experience for you.


3. How is the order of drop-offs determined?

The order is determined by the drop-off locations to ensure the detour is minimal for both driver-partner and passengers i.e. from the nearest drop-off location to the farthest.


4. What is considered to be a ‘good match’?

GrabShare passengers are matched according to their pick-up and drop-off locations. The routing system will take into account the following:

• Route overlap between both passengers

• Minimal detours for both drivers and passengers


5. Can I choose not to receive GrabShare bookings?
Yes. However if you have opted in for GrabShare, please note that cancelling GrabShare bookings may affect your Cancellation Rates (CR).


6. Why can’t I see GrabShare on my Grab driver app?

GrabShare is available on the Grab driver app with version 5.251.0 and above. Ensure your Grab driver app AND your phone operating system is running on the latest version to enable your access to the latest features.

1. How can I cancel a GrabShare ride?

To cancel a GrabShare ride, driver-partners would need to cancel the individual bookings one at a time. Driver-partners can also cancel only one passenger (one booking) if they choose to do so. Both cases would affect the CR when relevant.


2. What should I do if a booking has more passengers than stated?

Kindly request the passenger to book a GrabCar/JustGrab ride if they insist on bringing extra passengers and contact the Help Centre. Driver-partners may also cancel a booking without affecting their CR with the following reasons:


• More than one passenger per booking (more than two per ride)

• Passenger insist on bringing children or pets


Currently, GrabShare is limited to 2 bookings per trip and 1 passenger per booking (subject to change).


3. How long should I wait for passengers before cancelling?

Once you’ve reached the pick-up location, you should only wait for 5 minutes per booking before moving on to your next destination. Please communicate with your passengers prior to arrival for a smoother experience. Your CR should not be affected if you cancel with a relevant reason.


4. What happens to the fare if one of the passengers cancels?

Driver-partners will receive an immediate compensation (cancellation fee) if this happens. The remaining passenger’s booking will proceed with the remaining passenger’s fare.


1. Can I receive more bookings (for the same ride) when I’m currently in-transit?

No. All bookings are matched prior to a GrabShare ride, meaning there won’t be any unplanned detours.


2. Can I not follow the pick-up and drop-off sequence given in the app?

We advise you to always follow the pick-up and drop-off sequence given in the app. Our system identifies the best route to minimise detours and travel time, and maximise earnings.

Passengers are also aware of the route and sequence suggested. If passengers request to not follow the suggestion given, please remind them that the route and sequence suggested by the system is to ensure minimal detours for all.


3. Where do I input payment for GrabShare?

The process is the same as GrabCar/JustGrab bookings: once you drop off your first passenger, the payment screen will pop up. Once your payment input for the first passenger is completed, you can move on to dropping off the second passenger.


4. How do I know if the booking is a cash or GrabPay booking?

The payment method will be displayed in the job card.


5. What if one booking uses cash and another uses GrabPay?
This won’t be a problem for GrabShare – each booking is treated as an individual booking, and the payment methods do not need to be identical.
6.  Are there different wallets for GrabCar/JustGrab and GrabShare booking?

No, each driver-partner only has one Grab cash and credit wallet. The cashout process will also be the same as GrabCar/JustGrab.


7. How are toll costs split for GrabShare passengers?

The toll will be paid by whichever passenger who’s in the car when the driver passes by the toll.


For example, if the toll charge is RM2:
1 passenger in the car = RM2 per passenger

2 passengers in the car = RM1 per passenger


In locations where the toll fee is automatically applied, the toll fees will be added automatically and charged to passengers at the end of the ride, else please key it in accordingly upon dropping off passengers.

1. How much is the commission rate for GrabShare?

The commission rate is the same as GrabCar/JustGrab.


2. Do I get incentives for GrabShare bookings?

Yes. The incentives for GrabShare bookings is the same as GrabCar/JustGrab (unless stated otherwise).


3. Will GrabShare bookings contribute towards my GrabCar/JustGrab weekly incentives?

Yes, all GrabShare bookings will contribute towards your GrabCar/JustGrab incentives regardless of your incentive programme.


For incentives that depend on the number of bookings you complete, one GrabShare trip means you complete more than one bookings – hence extra qualification for incentives!


3. How can driver-partners earn efficiently with GrabShare as compared to GrabCar/JustGrab?

Every GrabShare ride assigned to driver-partners is calculated thoroughly to ensure the routes are optimised and detours are minimal. A shared trip reduces the time taken to get another trip after completing one trip – enabling driver-partners to earn more efficiently with their time.

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