Breaking the Silence with GrabForGood

GrabForGood was launched in 2018 with the aim of empowering the Deaf community through the Grab platform. We did this by providing income opportunities, minimising communication barriers, and improving the app to better support Deaf drivers. Since then, Grab has continued to collaborate with more differently-abled organisations and individuals.

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Breaking The Silence Together

In the spirit of driving greater inclusivity every year, Grab celebrated with driver-partners, delivery-partners, and merchants of all different abilities, who inspire us daily.

#BreakTheSilence Campaign

Year 2018 marked the start of the GrabForGood initiative. Grab hosted a special luncheon to recognise and honour the many hardworking and honest Grab Deaf driver-partners.

Our partners. Our inspiration.

The Bassment

Oscar and his hearing impaired brothers, Michael and Jason opened their first restaurant together, which gathers the community to share good food and great stories.

Joey Kow

According to statistics by the World Federation of the Deaf, Deaf drivers are less likely to be involved in road accidents. Accepting rides from our Deaf drivers means a lot to Joey and the rest of her community.

Niyaz & Siti

This entrepreneurial husband and wife drive using a hand-controlled device, which is designed and engineered by Niyaz himself!

Charles Thin

He’s unable to speak, nor hear. But his actions speak loudest. He is known as one of our best drivers despite his disability. Here’s his story.

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PWD (Persons With Disabilities) here

Yeoga Raj Elangkovan

He is one of Grab’s many amazing PWD delivery-partners, As at November 2019, he has delivered 4,213 orders. Yeoga loves jogging in the evening, and watching motor races on TV. He also enjoys solo travelling, and hopes to travel to Canada one day.

Muhamad Hassan bin Zubir

Hassan is a true blue motorbike enthusiast. Aside from being one of GrabFood’s delivery-partners, he is a freelance mechanic who works hard to support his parents. Hassan is a cheerful guy, and always greets all with his genuine smile!

Shahfez bin Mohd Shah

He might not be Jiro but he sure makes some really good sushi! Shahfez was a hotel chef before becoming a Grab driver-partner. His cheerful personality has earned him the nickname of ” Light” as he brings that ray of sunshine to every person he meets.

Hee Chee Cheong

We can all learn from Hee’s resilience. He injured his spine in a work accident in 2015, and had to attend rehabilitation classes. 2 years after the accident, he was able to drive again. Now, he gets around with crutches, and drives for Grab using a hand-controlled device.

Joey Kow

Joey is Deaf, but that hasn’t stopped her from working as a full-time baker in the day, and a part-time Grab driver at night. Plus, she has been one of the strongest advocates among Grab’s Deaf drivers since she joined way back in 2016. Her dedication has been an inspiration to all of us at Grab.

Accessibility for Everyone

Grab believes in bringing mobility and opportunities to all. From special driver training to overcoming communication barriers,
Grab will continue to empower Malaysians.

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Two ways you can give back

Support different-abled merchants

Drop by these Persons with Disabilities (PWD) merchants to support, and further empower financial independence for differently-abled individuals. You can pay for your meals with GrabPay when you dine-in or order on GrabFood.

RC Deaf Missions

The restaurant was founded in 2006 by two siblings, Agnes and Mario Peter, who have a natural passion for Deaf community work.

They hope to empower Deaf persons through various initiatives, and add value in recognising their many capabilities.

DIB Restaurant Cafe

This started in 2011 as a self-funded social enterprise to train and employ Deaf Malaysians.

The cafe restores hope and dignity to the Deaf community by improving their livelihoods through skills training, unbiased employment, and entrepreneurship.

The Bassment

This was established in 2018 by two Deaf brothers, Michael and Jason Lim, with the help of another brother.

Its unique name is a combination of “bass” and “basement”. It is a place where you can enjoy music with your meals. You can also hold meetings and functions here.

Use your points for good

Support these organisations with your GrabRewards points, so that they can do more for the Deaf, and differently-abled community.

Malaysia Federation of Deaf (MFD)

MFD is a national organisation that is administered by the Deaf. They advocate for the rights and needs of Deaf individuals, and provide services throughout Malaysia.

600 points = RM5

Donate Now

Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah

Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah is a non-profit organisation that provides a beneficial, nurturing and comfortable environment for special children.

600 points = RM5

Donate Now

Empowering Malaysians with learning aids

Grab has worked closely with Deaf driver-partners and delivery-partners to better understand the challenges they go through, and help improve their experiences. Grab also partnered with Malaysia Federation of the Deaf (MFD) to identify ways to enhance the Grab platform, and provide more opportunities to Deaf driver-partners and delivery-partners.

PWD Merchant Business Starter Kit

Grab believes in technology that leaves no one behind. The PWD (Person with Disabilities) Merchant Business Starter Kit was created to help our Deaf GrabFood merchants with their day-to-day merchant operations, as well as break down communication barriers. These Kits will be distributed to our Deaf merchant partners in October 2020.

The contents of the Kit include:

Deaf-friendly smartband

In times when our merchants’ Deaf employees are away from the merchant tablet, notifications from the GrabFood Merchant App such as incoming orders will be sent to them via vibrations on the smartband, reducing the likelihood of missed orders.

GrabFood merchant tablet

Point-of-sales tablet used for managing GrabFood orders.

‘Level Up with Starbucks’ training

In partnership with the Starbucks Signing Store, these sharing-style training sessions give Deaf merchants the opportunities to upskill their employees and strengthen their business, exploring topics such as barista techniques, marketing tips, food safety certifications and more.

Communication flip cards

Visual aids to ease communication between Deaf employees and GrabFood delivery-partners.

GrabFood window decal & cashier wobbler

Interested to sign up as a Deaf GrabFood merchant? Click here to register now!

The Sign Language Dictionary

Learn to sign everyday phrases, taught by our GrabFood delivery-partner and friends.
Remember to practice these signs when you meet a hard of hearing person.
Let’s break the silence together!


Automated GrabChat

Passengers are automatically informed that the driver or delivery personnel is Deaf. Once the chat is activated, Grab users can communicate with Grab’s Deaf partners.

Live Chat Support

Deaf drivers and delivery-partners can chat with a Grab representative if they need help during an accident or emergency.

In-App SOS feature

Disabled drivers and delivery-partners can send:

  • live locations to their family and friends,
  • an automated SMS to emergency contacts, and
  • call the police.

In-car and In-store

Grab has created and distributed aids in cars of Deaf driver-partners and stores of merchant-partners, to help passengers and customers communicate easier, and learn some basic sign language along the way!

About GrabForGood

GrabForGood was launched in 2018 with the aim of empowering the Deaf community through the Grab platform. We did this by providing income opportunities, minimising communication barriers, and improving the app to better support Deaf drivers.

Grab continues to collaborate with more differently-abled organisations and individuals. Today, Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world whose regulations allow Persons With Disabilities (PWD) to obtain a commercial driver’s licence.

Doing more every year

A recent Grab social impact report highlighted these figures, and it continues to be important that Grab understands their needs, and try to do something about it.


persons with disabilities serve as
micro-entrepreneurs on the Grab
platform across Southeast Asia.


differently-abled Malaysians earn
an income on the Grab platform
in Malaysia.

“We believe that Malaysia’s foundation is built on the need to be inclusive and that every Malaysian deserves equal opportunity despite their background, race, gender, or how differently-abled they may be.”

Sean Goh
Country Head of Grab Malaysia