Eat like a Sarawak warrior with Welson Sim’s recommendations

Do you need inspiration on what to eat when in Sarawak? Well, let us connect you with a Sarawak native, Welson Sim, our Olympian swimmer to share with you his favourites and other food in his wishlist. He travels a lot to compete all over the place but Sarawakian food is still his favourite! You can try his top 5 recommended restaurants in Sarawak in the comfort of your own home by ordering on GrabFood and get 50% off with promo code HOTDEALSGF. There are plenty of choices for you to try something new everyday!

1. Hicaa by Hilxon’s 21, Miri

Perhaps it won’t hurt to indulge in something sweet once in a while. We will let you out a secret. His favourite are  luscious fruity drinks from Hicaa by Hilxon’s 21. Unlike other boba teas, this shop churns out delicious fruit teas and also black tea-based varieties. Welson can testify to that.

Welson’s go-to is the Golden Pearl Milk Caa, which is luscious and packed with flavour and generous scoops of both original and golden boba. What a genius combo of bobas!

2. Wang Xiang Noodle, Miri

No Sarawakian will say no to mee kolok, including Welson. His favourite is from Wang Xiang Noodle

While mee kolok is available everywhere in Sarawak, the one at Wang Xiang Noodles is rather special. There’s an authentic aromatic scent to the sauce mixture and  the dry springy, thin egg noodles, served with a warm bowl of soup on the side.

The best thing about mee kolok is that it’s an all-day favourite. Have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. GrabFood delivers all-day.

3. Noodle House, Sibu

Sarawak is spoiled with choice when it comes to noodles, and Welson can’t wait to try it all. One restaurant he’s dying to visit is Noodle House in Sibu, which is a favourite amongst the Foo Chow clan for its wide range of noodles to choose from.

For a start, you should try its signature dish, Noodle House Zhajiang Mian, a thick wheat noodle with soy bean paste served with stir fried ground pork. The sauce is rich in pork with nutty undertones from the soy bean paste. 

4. Chickilicious

Another restaurant on Welson’s Sarawak hit-list is Chickilicious, available in Bintulu, Miri and Kuching! While most fried chicken restaurants offer original or spicy versions, Chickilicious has 10 flavours to choose from. This ought to go nationwide if not international, and maybe Welson can be its spokesperson *wink wink*.

Now that you know that Chickilicous has 10 flavours, that’s 10 days of mealtime ideas sorted out for you. If you’re not sure what flavour to try first, go for its A1 Signature Golden Crispy.

5. Pak Imran Nasi Lemak, Bintulu

If you’re not an early bird like Welson, and you always end up missing Pak Imran Nasi Lemak for breakfast, just order it on GrabFood from the comfort of your bed! You simply have to try this delicious nasi lemak in Bintulu. 

The reason for its popularity is the variety of side dishes to go with your coconut milk rice. Pak Imran Nasi Lemak is also very innovative with the traditional dish. They now serve nasi lemak goreng, which you should try.

Now, that’s plenty of recommendations from Welson for you to try, if you haven’t had them before. Even if you have, just order them anyway because they’ll taste even better after you get 50% OFF on GrabFood! Don’t forget to use the promo code HOTDEALSGF at checkout.