GrabFood is moving to the Grab app!

Order GrabFood, now in your Grab app.

GrabFood, your favourite food delivery app, will be moving to the Grab app! You’ll be able to conveniently order food, book rides, make payments, deliver parcels and more from one super app!

Ordering is easy, here’s how!

Together with GrabFood, all your favourite restaurants are moving over too.

These restaurants include restaurants that are exclusively available for food delivery on GrabFood like:

…and more!

Here are some things to look out for :

  • You’ll still be able to use all (if any) of  your GrabRewards points, subscription plans and GrabFood promos on the Grab app.
  • You can only use one Grab service at a time. Only after the the delivery, ride or payment is completed, you be able to use another service.