GrabFood Says No to Plastic Cutlery As 1st Step In Going Eco-friendly

Did you know that due to the high levels of plastic pollution in our environment, microplastics can now be found in our food, air and drinking water? An average person could now be ingesting approximately 5 grams of plastic per week – that’s the equivalent to eating 1 credit card per week!

Being Southeast Asia’s top food delivery service, we at GrabFood believe that we can help minimise this consequential impact that single-use plastic pollution has on our community and the environment. Together with our restaurant partners and in a bid to reduce plastic cutlery across the region by 2020, we’re launching our first eco-friendly initiative to reduce single-use plastic via our cutlery toggle on the GrabFood app as well as signing a pact with WWF to show our commitment.

Starting from 5 November 2019, plastic cutlery will not be provided with your GrabFood orders unless you request for it by simply switching the cutlery toggle at the checkout page.

Apart from the cutlery toggle, we are also working with our business ecosystem to develop long-term, sustainable solutions for our eaters, restaurant partners and delivery partners alike. This includes providing eaters with access to our eco-friendly restaurants, introducing sustainable packaging options to our restaurant partners, and providing reusable delivery bags for transporting food orders. 

Indeed, every act matters – our small, daily choices are the ones that will break or save our planet, and together we can make a difference. Let’s begin to reduce plastic waste by opting out of receiving single-use plastic cutlery.