Minimise direct contact by shopping cashless or online

The Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) will take place once again, for 2 weeks from 14 Oct to 27 Oct. During this time, remember to stay sanitised, masked and socially distanced. 

When you head out to restock your groceries, or essentials at the pharmacies, you can minimise direct contact by going cashless with GrabPay. You can also stay at home and get your shopping done online, as GrabPay is now accepted at major brands’ online store.


Earn and spend with GrabRewards Points!

  • Earn up to 3x GrabRewards Points
  • Save more when you use GrabRewards Points to pay for purchases or redeem for more promo code

Shop for all your essentials safely.

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Family Foods MarketShop Here
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SC StoreShop Here
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