Thank you for joining us to help those in need

Send help in a click with Grab

The pandemic has devastated the livelihoods of families across the nation, leaving them in dire need of basic necessities. Now you can help support vulnerable communities with meals more easily through the Grab app.

Donate with GrabRewards Points

Use your points to donate a meal or a box of everyday staples using GrabRewards Points, and Grab will match each donation. Check out the GrabRewards Catalogue to start donating.


Donate cash via GrabPay Wallet

You can also contribute any amount using GrabPay Wallet. 100% of it will go directly to food banks nationwide. Head to your GrabPay Wallet to donate.

Makan Kongsi 2.0 is the distribution partner for Grab #KitaFeedKita.

MakanKongsi 2.0 is co-organised by The Good Kitchen and Engage to ensure that the most vulnerable communities get the basic essentials to feed their families during MCO because no one should go hungry. Since the first MCO began, they have been actively working with over 77 NGOs across Malaysia to provide basic essentials and feed thousands of families in need.

Reach out to help more people

During these worrying times, it’s truly heartening to see Malaysians coming together for one another. So, if you’re helping people in their time of need, you’ll get discounts to help you on your mission. 


If you’re with an NGO or company, Grab would like to offer 20% off for deliveries with GrabExpress Instant (Car and MPV). To get this discount, get in touch with us here and a dedicated promo code will be sent to you soon after.


In celebration of the Malaysian spirit of giving, Grab is also offering the lowest fare in town, with up to 25% drop in fares on deliveries with GrabExpress Instant (Bike) until 16 September 2021! It is our hope that more individuals will help fellow rakyat with basic necessities to keep them going. 

*Only available in Klang Valley 


No one should go hungry. Join Grab #KitaFeedKita and keep the circle of giving alive.