Golden Rules

Remember at all times: Respect is a Two Way Street  

Before, during, and even after every Grab ride, we encourage you to maintain utmost respect for those who provide the service you utilise. Make them feel safe, respected and appreciated throughout the journey. This extends to the vehicle you are entering. Help keep the car clean and in good condition always.

To ensure a seamless Grab experience, here are the Golden Rules every passenger should follow when taking a Grab ride.


  1. Choose the right service
    GrabCar, GrabTaxi and GrabCar+ (premium) can only accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers.
    GrabCar (6-seater) can fit up to 6 passengers and a GrabShare can only accommodate 2 passengers.
  2. Select the correct pick up and drop off points
    For safety purpose, your driver will only be allowed to pick you up and drop you off at the destination entered upon booking. 
  3. Be sure of your payment method
    Select Cash OR Credit/Debit Card (GrabPay).
  4. Check the validity of your promo codes
    Make sure to read the terms and condition of your promo code before booking to ensure a successful redemption.
  5. Communicate with your driver
    Write a note to your driver OR use GrabChat if you need to communicate with your driver. This allows your driver to locate you better.
  6. Sending of unaccompanied goods are not allowed
    For safety reasons, passengers are not allowed to book a Grab ride to deliver goods which are not accompanied by the passenger.
  7. Only book when you’re ready to go
    For all Grab services, drivers will only wait for 5 minutes upon reaching your pick up point except for Multiple Stop Rides and GrabShare which has a waiting time of 3 minutes. Your ride will be cancelled if you do not board the vehicle within the given time.
  8. Don’t cancel unnecessarily
    Cancelling your ride can be frustrating for your driver especially if he or she is on the way to pick you up.
    Use the GrabChat function to ask if you driver is nearby OR inform them if you need to cancel.


  1. Check your ride when it arrives
    Double-check the vehicle number plate before entering the car and make sure it’s the right driver. 
  2. In GPS we trust
    Drivers are trained to use GPS navigation app to get you to your destination as safely and quickly as possible.
    Inform your driver if you have a preferred route based on what the GPS suggests, but it is up to the driver’s discretion to select the most suitable route.
  3. No pit stops allowed
    Drivers will only send you to your drop off destination and no stops are allowed.
    If you wish to make an additional stop, please use the Multiple-Stop Rides function to input your second stop.
  4. Any toll charges incurred during your journey are added onto your base fare at the end of your trip.
    It is your responsibility to pay for these charges.


  1. Pay the correct fare 
    This includes any toll charges that may have been incurred along the way.
  2. Check your surroundings before leaving
    We don’t want you to be without your mobile phone, wallet or bags when you arrive at your destination.
    Apart from that, be watchful of the surrounding before opening the car door.
  3. Remember to rate your drivers fairly and honestly
    Ratings help us maintain the quality of service, and also affects the driver’s livelihood.


Failure to adhere to these rules may result in penalties, including removal from the Grab community.
This may come in the form of suspension or account termination.

Thank you once again for being part of change. We endeavour to deliver the best service and experience for both passengers and drivers. Your contributions will allow this to happen.