Thursday July 5th, 2018

Your Must-Haves For This Football Season!

The world footie season is upon us and is proving to be an exhilarating one! Regardless if you are a long term football fan or a once-in-four-years type of fan, everyone’s gathering to watch and talk about it!

But whether you’ve invited a few friends over to watch the game, throwing a full-blown viewing party or even if you are watching it yourself, this list of must-haves is sure to help you get prepared and in the football spirit!

  1.   Tournament Match Schedule

Get the official tournament app downloaded on your phone so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest news and announcements. Or, just add a Google Sports shortcut to your home screen for easy access to match times, standings, players and stats.

If you’d rather not download anything, set alerts and reminders on your phone calendar so you’ll never miss matches!

  1.   Your Friends!

Sometimes, it’s cool to watch a match by yourself. But there are some matches when you’d like to invite your friends over to recreate a bit of a ‘stadium’ atmosphere! Get them involved in the prep to make the whole experience more exciting. And it doesn’t matter if you’re supporting the same team, or rival teams, as long as you’re with them, the whole experience becomes so much more memorable! Just remember not to let a little competition come in the way of a good time.

  1.   Decor To Spruce Up Your Place

Don’t be afraid to go into ‘extra-time’ to liven up the atmosphere! Accessorise your home (or wherever you’re planning to screen the match) with flags, streamers and football gear. Team scarves also make great decorations and will definitely hype up the mood with some exciting team spirit! You might even want to get your friends to bring their own stuff to add more flavour to the decor! If you’re feeling extra pumped up, split up the room into two different colour themes to represent each team so that your friends can sit on their respective sides of the room. It’s not everyday you get the chance to decorate your home, so why miss this opportunity, right? And it’s definitely one way of getting everyone involved.

  1.   Food, Food, Food!

What’s a viewing party without munchies!? Snacks are great for times like this, so why worry about going out to pack food or cooking when you can get it delivered to you?

Let GrabFood be your 12th man! Especially during the footie season, GrabFood will be delivering your favourite snacks like Nasi lemak Bumbung, Wong Ah Wah chicken wings and even some good ol’ mamak food to you till late! From the 2nd to 15th July, you can get food delivered to your homes until 2am! The late night deliveries will be available in Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Damansara, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Absolutely perfect for all those games that are playing in the wee hours of the morning! Just login, and see which restaurants are near you under the ‘Late Night Deliveries’ category!

On no-match nights, deliveries will be available till 12am only.

  1.   Last But Not Least, Coffee

With the late night matches, caffeine will be your bestest friend!  It’s no doubt that after some coffee, you’ll feel your blood pumping, your heart beating faster, and your body re-energised!

So stay strong, not just with any ordinary coffee, but Wonda Italian Latte. And the best part is that you’ll get two (one to keep you awake for the match, and one for the next morning to stay awake after a night of cheering) packs of Wonda Italian Latte (200ml) for absolutely FREE with every GrabFood order!

Above all the prep and excitement, don’t forget to just have fun! This season doesn’t come around often, so, enjoy it to the fullest! May the best team win!

GrabFood is available for download on Android and iOS. The service is currently available in selected areas of Klang Valley and will deliver to more areas soon.