Tips to Increase Your Rating! [Penang]

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We appreciate your efforts in providing a great service to our passengers and we hope to increase these favourable experiences. As such the minimum driver rating requirement to earn incentives for ALL programmes will be 4.7 effective 31 July 2017

We’ve also amended our minimum driver rating requirement to a 4.4 to stay on our platform, starting 7 August 2017. We believe that this would help improve our overall service. Keep up the good work!

  1. At all times:
  • Keep your vehicle clean, well-maintained, and fragrant.
  • Dress appropriately.
  1. Upon pick up:
  • Greet your passenger by name (“Good morning, Mr. Tan. How are you?”). This will also ensure you’ve picked up the right passenger.
  • Confirm their destination.
  • Remind the passenger to fasten his/her seat belt.
    • Pro-tips:
    • When able, help passengers who travel with wheelchairs, child seats, heavy luggage or bags.
    • If you’re heading to the airport, ask your passenger if he/she has remembered to bring all their necessaries (especially their passports!).
  1. During the trip:
  • Drive safely, smoothly, and adhere to the speed limits.
  • Refrain from harsh or sudden brakes.
  • Stay alert and do not play with your devices while driving.
  • Ask if the temperature of the air-conditioning is favourable to the passenger.  
  • Avoid loud music.
  • Keep conversations positive and professional.
  1. At drop off :
  • Stop at a safe and convenient location, especially if it is raining or along a busy road.
  • Thank the passenger for the ride and remind them to take their belongings.
  • Advise the passenger on the total fare and toll fee additions (this helps avoid fare disputes).
    • Pro-tips:
    • When able, help passengers who travel with wheelchairs, child seats, heavy luggage or bags by opening the door or the boot.
    • Ensure that your passenger has entered safely into the designated location.

Thank you once again for being part of change. We hope you’d be able to perform your very best and reach the highest possible star rating, as this would make for an excellent Grab experience for both drivers and passengers. Keep up the good work, and continue to drive up a great Grab experience!