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Terms and Conditions (Sibu)

The Fine Print

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Please remember to read all the fine prints to ensure that you qualify for incentives. Also, please do take some time to read the Terms and Conditions in your Grab Driver App, to ensure that you are able to perform your best as a Driver-partner on our platform.

  1. From 6 August 2018, this new earnings structure is for all GrabCar Driver-partners in Sibu both full-time and part-time.
  2. Newly registered Driver-partners post 6 August 2018, by default receive a commission rate of  25%. However, in the event you choose to enable Auto Accept, the commissions charged to you shall be 20%.
  3. Maintain an average Driver Rating (“DR”) of 4.5 and above (effective 20 November 2017) to stay on the Grab platform.
  4. A minimum Acceptance Rate (“AR”) of 30% is required for all Driver-partners to maintain an active Grab account.
  5. Maintain a weekly AR of 85%. Your weekly Acceptance Rate will be reset every Monday at 12:01am to 0%.
  6. Maintain an average DR of 4.7 and above weekly (average of the last 100 rated rides are calculated weekly) to be eligible for all incentives.
  7. Maintain a cancellation rate of 15% and lower for the week. Weekly Driver-partner CR* is calculated as Number of Driver-partner Cancellations in a week divided by Number of Accepted Bookings in a week. *For earnings purposes only, bookings cancelled by passengers will NOT affect weekly Driver-partner CR. However, high overall cancellation rate will still be monitored.
  8. Earned incentives and promos will be topped up into your cash wallet. You are required to press the ‘Cash Out’ button; your money will be credited into your bank account within the same day. If you don’t, the money will remain in your cash wallet.
  9.  For instances where fraudulent bookings or behaviour are found (e.g. Driver-partner excessively requesting for passenger to cancel on their behalf), an internal investigation will be conducted by Grab. Driver-partners may or may not qualify for earnings payout, depending on the findings of the investigation. All decisions as a result of the investigation are final and binding.
  10. This earning structure is applicable for GrabCar (Economy) and GrabCar 6-seater as per the week communicated. Any previous earning structure is not applicable.
  11. All decisions made by Grab are final and binding. Grab shall not entertain any requests or appeals by Driver-partners.

Note: We are increasingly aware of many third-party companies that want to advertise on your cars and in your cars, which affects the Grab passenger experience. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we strongly advise you against signing up with these third-party companies that have not been approved by Grab. We at Grab are working continuously to bring you more opportunities and collaborations with our approved partners. Please stay tuned for updates from us soon!