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As the Ministry of Transport has allowed all e-hailing drivers who have passed the PSV exam to continue driving until the end of 2019, we want to give these driver-partners more time to get through the entire regulatory process.

Therefore, instead of locking the accounts (can’t receive bookings on Grab) of driver-partners who have not submitted their PSV licence, we will be introducing several updates to the incentive and app features eligibility.

Driver-partners who have NOT submitted their PSV licence by 12AM, 25 Nov 2019 will NOT be eligible for incentives and WILL LOSE ACCESS to the following app features from 12AM, 2 Dec 2019 onwards:

  • Driver Choices
  • My Destination
  • GrabBenefits
  • Compensation fees (Passenger No-Show and Late Cancellation)

Submit PSV licence on (for Peninsula Malaysia driver-partners) OR (for Sarawak driver-partners) OR (for Sabah driver-partners) to be eligible for incentives and app features again, upon verification of the document submitted*.

*Incentives earned from 2 Dec 2019 until the verification date will be forfeited.

On top of that, when you submit early (by 31 Dec 2019) you will get RM100 cash reimbursement for PSV training and RM50 bonus.


Why is Grab doing this?
We would like to give our driver-partners who are going through the process sufficient time to obtain the PSV and inform us when they have received it.

Is Grab taking away driver incentives?
Yes, we are not giving incentives to driver-partners who have not completed the regulatory processes. This means you would not be able to see the time boosters on your job card, and will not receive payment for incentive schemes in the incentives section of the app. Not to worry, once you complete your regulatory process and submit the required documents to us, you will be eligible for incentives again.

When will I be eligible for incentives and app features once I submit my PSV licence?
You will be eligible for incentives and app features again in approximately 10-14 working days after you have submitted the required documents.

What if my account was locked out before 16 Nov 2019?
Unfortunately, your account will remain locked out until you submit your PSV licence to us.