Pursuing Clarity on Regulations: Part 3

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As you are aware, e-hailing regulations will come into effect on 12 July 2019. Under these new regulations there are several key requirements that driver-partners need to comply with, including:

  1. Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence – All driver-partners will need to obtain a PSV licence, where driver-partners are required to attend a 6 hour PSV training course and pass a written exam.
  2. Medical Examination – As part of the PSV process, all driver-partners will be required to undergo a medical examination.
  3. E-hailing insurance – Vehicles used for e-hailing will be required to add-on an e-hailing insurance on top of an existing private motor insurance policy.
  4. PUSPAKOM checks – E-hailing vehicles that are above 3 years must complete an initial PUSPAKOM inspection and annually thereafter.

We have engaged with the Minister of Transport on these regulatory requirements, and he has been supportive of a few suggestions and proposals we have tabled. We are now waiting for the regulatory agencies, such as JPJ and APAD, to put these suggestions into effect via policy updates.

On 4 March 2019, Grab representatives, along with other e-hailing operators as well as APAD, attended JPJ’s first formal briefing, which covered 4 areas, namely:

  • E-hailing licensing
  • Use of e-hailing vehicles
  • Vehicle inspections
  • E-hailing vehicle registration and identification

This initial step was necessary towards facilitating the industry towards compliance and we look forward to more engagement with the enforcement agencies. We believe that more alignment is required between the various agencies to ensure a seamless transition without negatively impacting driver-partners and the commuting public at large.

Rest assured, Grab is working diligently to ensure measures are in place for our driver-partners to help you with the transition and provide assistance wherever possible. For now, no concrete steps can be taken by our driver-partners to start the process. We will update you with the detailed steps and instructions once an official confirmation of the processes has been received.

On another matter, we are aware of a message being circulated via WhatsApp and social media of a purported “summary” of the briefing by JPJ. We note that there are inaccurate and misleading information that has generated unnecessary confusion and negativity.

We have put together a table of information, which we hope will  provide clarity to our community and to eliminate any confusion.

We urge our driver-partners to await official instructions and updates from Grab or the regulators, and not pay attention to unsupported information circulated by other parties.