Pursuing Clarity on Regulations: Part 2

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As we approach the one-year deadline to comply with regulations, we understand that you may have concerns and questions regarding this matter. As of now, we have yet to  receive updates from the relevant agencies.

Therefore, on behalf of our community, we released a statement recently to request the authorities to provide clearer and actionable guidelines in facilitating the e-hailing regulations.

The following are highlights from the statement:

Level of readiness of the regulators to date

We acknowledge our Minister’s call for the industry not to wait until the very last minute to prepare for compliance, but there are still many things that are not confirmed yet in terms of:

1. Training module 

The Public Service Vehicle (PSV) training module, which should have been implemented last year, will not be ready until March 2019. Therefore, we believe that there would not be enough time for hundreds of thousands of driver-partners to be trained and certified within 4 months.

Fortunately, we have previously proposed to the Minister a digital training platform that delivers the equivalent of 6 hours (or more) worth of training to driver-partners. However, the agencies still have not reflected this alternative in the policy wording and the current policy still requires a physical attendance.

2. E-hailing insurance

Currently, there are insufficient e-hailing insurance products, and the ones available are not suitable for the majority of our driver-partners, especially part-time driver-partners. We are still engaging with Bank Negara Malaysia, Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and other insurance companies to review and possibly alter the very heavily regulated insurance framework, which probably needs more time.


There are limited car inspection locations available nationwide. With driver-partners presence in 35 cities and major townships in Malaysia, we are concerned that the push for physical inspection will affect the Puspakom system. We truly believe a digital alternative should be considered to enhance vehicle quality and safety.

4. Other e-hailing requirements 

A variety of additional requirements, such as fire extinguishers in every car, the  e-hailing road tax, disc and stickers, have not been communicated clearly to the industry which makes it difficult for us to cascade these information to you.

To date, we have yet to meet with the relevant authorities to get more clarity and actionable guidelines, which will enable us to provide you with the fullest support and sufficient certainty during this transition period. Please be rest assured that we are doing everything within our capacity to cooperate with both the government and enforcement agencies, in hopes to come up with better solutions that will benefit you, our driver-partners and passengers alike.